The Soul of Your Style – Elle

Today is our last description installment in The Soul of Your Style series. Next week, I’ll post a quiz to help you to find out which style best suits your soul. If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find each description and sample wardrobe in the links below:


And now, #4 is:


Elle- Is the modern, bold, trend setter

To Elles, getting dressed is an exciting adventure everyday! They live on the cusp of fashion, and can’t wait each season to find out what the big new trend is going to be. They have overflowing closets full of endless possibilities. They love bright colors, bold geometric prints, and lots of big statement jewelry. In an Elles closet you will often find a shoe collection to rival Zappos – one for every occasion, and then some. She will have multiple coats, hats, and jackets to use an an extension of her daily outfit masterpieces. A sun glass collection is also a must for this girl! Elles are very brave and forward in the colors, patterns, and genres they mix and match. Gravitating toward leather, furs, leggings, and bright skinny jeans. Nothing is off limits!

For an Elle, the constant challenge can often be editing her wardrobe. Not ever wanting to part with a garment, even if she’s only worn it once (or not at all) is quite difficult!  But just because she loves being fresh and fashionable, doesn’t mean that she can’t also have a highly functional, yet manageable-sized remixable wardrobe. Below is an example:

Elle- Inspiration Board

Any primary Elles out there??


The Soul of Your Style – Maggie

Soul of Your Style Part 1: Violet
Soul of Your Style Part 2: Jane

Part 3 of the “Soul of Your Style” Series is here! Today we meet Maggie. But before we dive into her description, I wanted to quickly address the frustration I hear from some Maggies out there! Maggie is our most casual style. And for those of you who are Maggies that are happy as a clam to wear sweats 24/7, more power to ya! But for those of you who feel a constant tug-of-war between wanting to feel more polished/put together, and yet only feeling truly comfortable in casual attire – let me encourage you:

You can be polished and stylish and still be casual!

It’s all about the fit of the clothes you choose. I have a quick visual aid for you below to help illustrate what I mean. First scenario: you are in need of a basic tee: Option #1– you can purchase a shapeless, baggy, easily-stretched-out version, OR Option #2– you can buy the very same color tee in a more flattering and feminine fit, with a more substantial (yet still soft and comfy) knit.

Second scenario: you could use a new leather jacket: Option #1– a basic bomber jacket with no shape or style, OR Option #2– still a basic bomber jacket, but with a more flattering, defined cut. The simple addition of a couple of extra zippers add a finishing touch – think jewelry for your jacket. The angle of the zippers also helps guide the eye inward = instant slimming effect! Both leather bombers. Both classic and timeless. Both comfy and casual. But one will flatter you, and one will not.

Untitled #7


So if you are one of those ultra-casual girls out there that often feels “frumpy”. Take heart! You don’t have to change your style! You don’t have to wear skirts and blazers to feel polished! Chances are, the reason you feel the frump is because you’re living in potato sacks. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that are more fitted. Not skin tight. Just take the time to truly find which cuts flatter your body type, and purchase your casual staples (jeans, tees, jackets, even hoodies!) accordingly.

Now on with our description:


Maggie- Is all about casual and comfortable

Maggies are more about comfort than they are about fashion. They like things that feel good, have sentimental value, and are thoroughly worn in. If she had her way, she would live in sweats and yoga pants everyday! If she’s meeting a girlfriend for coffee, you might find her in jeans, sperrys, and a comfy sweater or tee (depending on the season). She isn’t much for accessorizing. Her definition of a functional wardrobe is: a drawer full of soft jeans, and that every top she owns can be worn with any of the jeans. Because she’s not the type who likes to bother over mixing and matching, she’ll own a few dresses for occasions that call for more than casual attire; that way she won’t have to fuss with which skirt goes with which top. It’s especially helpful for a Maggie to own a classic “little black dress” that she feels good in. That way, she’ll be ready for any formal or semi-formal occasion that might arise without feeling the stress that accompanies being caught unprepared. Typically, Maggies shy away from clothes shopping. They don’t care for heels, but will happily live in flip flops, boat shoes, loafers, tennis shoes and basic flats. A western flair can be a good choice for Maggies to consider if they want to add a little pizzaz and variety into their wardrobe in the form of accessories without adding dressiness. Jewelry is often slim. They might own classic gold hoops and studs, a watch, and perhaps a necklace or two. To bed? An old shirt or dorm set is a Maggie choice du jour.

And now, a remixable wardrobe inspiration board:


Maggie - Finding the Soul of Your Style


Are you a Maggie?

You can take the Soul of Your Style Quiz HERE.

One Item – Six Ways

Time for our next installment of “One Item, Six Ways”. Ready? Today we’re checking out the versatility of the ubiquitous button down shirt. The one I’m wearing in these photographs is pretty middle-of-the-road as far as dressiness goes: an all-season light cotton, in a feminine calico print.

IMG_7527 Style #1: -All American Girl- throwing on a jean jacket and some interesting-yet-still-neutral cords makes this button up ready to head out shopping or to a meet up with your girlfriends at the coffee shop.

IMG_7518 Style #2: -Classically Casual- this outfit is totally me. Old comfy jeans, a soft pullover scoop neck sweater, leather booties, and a touch of classic jewelry to add some polish. Perhaps my favorite way to wear a button-down.

IMG_7553 Style #3: –A Little Bit Country- Yet another way to make a sleeveless sundress last all year long. Shown here with the button-down knotted at the waist, and some boots for warmth.

IMG_7571 Style #4: -Sunny Days- In the warmer months, use your long sleeved button-down as a light jacket to fend off morning and evening chill.

IMG_7581 Style #5: -Belted Blues- This time, the jeans are a dressier dark wash, and our button-down is tucked in and belted. Because it is winter, I added an ivory scarf to the ensemble. This is perhaps the most versatile of the styles. Wear it anywhere!

IMG_7545Style #6: -Dressed Up With No Place to Go- Taking the cotton shirt to the next level by pairing it with a high-waisted leather skirt, wide belt, and ever ladylike pearls; your everyday shirt, just got its fancy on!

So there you have it. Six different ways to style your favorite button-down. Variety is the spice of life (and the key to a fresh and endlessly remixable wardrobe too incidentally)!

If you’d like to see more One Item – Six Ways posts, CLICK HERE.

And if you’re still not convinced that a button-down shirt (or two or three) are a very practical addition to your remixable wardrobe, you can watch the video I made with even more button-down ideas HERE!

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The Soul of Your Style – Jane

Time to explore the second soul in our series. If you missed the first (Violet), you can find it HERE.


Jane- Is timeless, and classically chic.

She is a practical girl, yet polished and pulled together. The type that would never been seen in public without lipstick (or gloss!) on. Jane wants to invest in beautiful clothes that will stand the test of time – both in quality and cut. She enjoys very classic prints (plaid, stripes, florals, polkadots, argyles) over trendy ones (graphic tees, watercolors, abstracts, color blocks), and classic colors: lots of neutrals, with soft earth and rich jewel tones. Rarely are Janes bright and bold, although they can enjoy a playful pop of color or pattern in the form of accessories. They prefer to have their clothes tailored to fit like a glove. You’ll find them equally at home in jeans, a dressy blouse, and heels; a simple dress; or a pencil skirt and jacket. Janes find comfort in the ritual of getting dressed everyday, and how it positively affects their demeanor. Although typically feminine to the core, it is not unusual for a Jane to favor menswear inspired clothing. Her make up is organic and understated. Highlighting one feature at a time – either her eyes or lips. Janes love to accessorize: scarves, large timeless jewelry, belts, glasses, a variety of hairstyles… And for shoes – expect to find a Jane in basic heels, penny loafers/oxfords, and knee-high boots. To bed, Janes like to wear simple feminine gowns, or classic, matching pajama sets.

And now for the inspiration board, featuring a pop of emerald – Pantone’s color of the year: If the concept of a remixable wardrobe (one in which the items can be endlessly mixed and matched with each other) is a new one to you, I encourage you to study these boards, and find all of the versatility in them. See how the pieces work together. Notice how the accessory collections strategically compliment the majority of the clothing pieces. See how many different outfits you can put together!

Jane - Inspiration Board

So what do you think? Are you a Jane?

You can take the Soul of Your Style Quiz HERE.

Remix: One Item – Six Ways

On our journey to create a remixable wardrobe, occasionally I thought I’d share one item of clothing, and how it can be “remixed” six different ways to make it appropriate for different seasons and occasions. I know, for me, it is always helpful to have “visual aids” when I’m getting my mind around a new concept. 🙂

A simple, sleeveless dress. Absolutely a wardrobe essential. Choose the color, cut, style, and length that is you, but keep it solid, and fairly simple in design for maximum versatility.

IMG_6813Style #1: -Summer Sundress- The only accessories are white sandals, a straw hat, and a large shell necklace. An easy throw-and-go outfit.

IMG_6843Style #2: -Wedding/Party Wrap-Up- Using a delicate lace infinity scarf as an asymmetrical wrap, and adding large earrings, and leopard print shoes dresses up the style, and adds some fun!

IMG_6819Style #3: -The Jumper- Jumpers are not just for 65 year old 2nd grade teachers! 😉 Use your trusty button up shirt (that we talked about two weeks ago) underneath your dress, add a wide belt, hose, patent leather heels, a sparkly necklace, and nerd glasses, and you’re ready for class!

IMG_6839Style #4: -Workwear- Make your dress perfect for the office with a cardigan over top, and a light dressy scarf. Black tights and booties, with a multi-chain necklace, round out the accessories.

IMG_6876Style #5: -Au Casual- Dress it down using a grandpa-style cardi, belted around the outside; a fun scarf will keep you warm in winter, along with some footless tights or leggings. Comfy moccasins lend a relaxed air to the whole ensemble.

IMG_6894Style #6: -Skirting Around- Who would know this was a dress? When you add a nice cozy sweater over top, a fat scarf, winter tights and boots to this number, viola! It transforms into a skirt!

So was this lesson in remixing helpful? Would you like to see more of it here on le blog? Are you inspired to go remix an item in your own wardrobe?

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The Soul of Your Style – Violet

Throughout this journey, I’ve been receiving comments and e-mails from many of you stating that you too have had trouble discovering the “soul of your style”.

And so in response, while not an all-encompassing concept, I’ve been working hard on identifying four distinct soul types, and will be sharing them with you over the coming weeks. Along with a text description, I’ve put together inspiration boards, showcasing some of the re-mixable wardrobe essentials each soul type might feel at home in. Once we’ve covered all four, I’ll share a quiz that you can take to match you with your primary soul. – Now of course, you’ll probably see a bit of yourself in each one; we’re all such diverse creatures. But I think it will be helpful to identify your primary soul in order for it to act as a guide as you begin to pare down and rebuild your wardrobe until your clothes reflect YOU – even if that takes years! The fun thing about style? It’s always a work in progress…

Some other advantages to knowing your soul style:

+ To help you break out of a style rut that you may feel stuck in, but does not accurately represent your personality, lifestyle, or age.
+To give you a framework to use when you go shopping for clothes (to help reduce impulse or “it’s so cheap I have to buy it” purchases).
+To help you develop a wardrobe that works more practically together (re-mixable is our goal!)

I hope you enjoy the journey! Let’s dive right in, shall we? Today, we’re going to start out with the most feminine of the souls:


Violet- Is all about vintage feminine beauty

A girly, girl through and through. Violets love pink, lace, sheer/floaty fabric, ruffles, florals, and sweet flowing dresses. She can lean towards boho/hippie styling, and adores layering for a “collected over time” look. Her colors are often soft pastels and neutrals, with a touch of timeless, sophisticated black. She prefers smaller, demure prints, and tone-on-tone texture. Her shoes of choice might be Mary Janes, bowed kitten-moderate height heels, neutral flats, old-fashioned booties, and feminine sandals. She prefers her clothing to fit her body type well, not too tight or too loose, she wants to feel beautiful but not suggestive in her blouses/jackets/dresses. Pearls, diamonds, and cameos are among of her favorite jewelry pieces, and she is most apt of all the souls to wear hair decorations. Violets wear simple, creamy make-up…more sweet than dramatic, leaning toward peaches and mauves instead of bright reds and pinks. Her nighttime attire is similarly feminine: full of lace, satin, and bows.

And now for the inspiration board: If the concept of a remixable wardrobe (one in which the items can be endlessly mixed and matched with each other) is a new one to you, I encourage you to study these boards, and find all the versatility in them. See how the pieces work together. Notice how the accessory collections strategically compliment the majority of the clothing pieces. See how many different outfits you can make!

Soul Style - Violet


Are you a primary Violet?

You can take the Soul of Your Style Quiz HERE.

Finding the Soul of My Style – My Fashion Story

Hello. My name is Kristin. And I once was a style schizophrenic. One day I would dress like a preppy private school attendee, the next I was 70s peace child. Modern and edgy in all black? Had it covered. Bright and bold? Did that too. Loose? Check. Tight? Check. Dress like a tomboy? Check. Wear the biggest, craziest earrings I could find? Check and check. I had NO idea who I was.

At first I thought it was actually quite fun to reinvent myself everyday. A whole new look for every mood. But then I just started feeling like I was a vapor floating in the fashion wind. No direction. No happy place. No true identity.

Enter: the current fads. The joke goes that I will loudly buck every trend initially (as in declare my hatred), and then be wearing it in three weeks. I was such a pushover! If I saw enough people wearing something in a cute way, I’d give it a try. But still…it wasn’t me.

My closet was full of a hodgepodge of clothes that didn’t go together. Some trends long past their day-in-the-spotlight prime, and others were just long past my loving them. Perhaps I really never did. I bought what was on sale. I bought what I drawn to. But often I’d buy things that needed a little effort to make them look and feel good. “Special needs” clothes I would call them. You know the type: constant adjustments, required unusual undergarments, only went with ONE other thing that I owned, had to suck in my tummy the whole time I had it on… I began to go into my closet to get dressed, daily, and feel like I truly didn’t have anything to wear.

That’s when I started reading fashion blogs that taught me about how to build a remixable wardrobe. What pieces everyone should have. How to make your clothes work for you in a myriad of different ways. And I started being ruthless. If I didn’t LOVE something…it was gone. If I couldn’t wear it at least three different ways for three different looks…it was gone. If it didn’t fit my body comfortably as it stands today…it was gone. If it was old and showing signs of wear (stains, picking, holes, pill balls, fading, shrinking, stretching, etc.)…it was gone. If I had no need for the style in my life right now (for example: business wear-I mean, going to work currently = yoga pants for me)…it was gone.

My closet was shrinking, but my confidence was growing. But still…something was missing. Although my clothes were working together better, I still didn’t feel like I had found my true clothing identity. The soul of my style. I would see something on someone else and love it, but on me it was only “meh” at best. For months and months (maybe even years) I was in search of the perfect chambray shirt – it seemed like such a practical closet staple – but when I finally found the perfect wash, in the perfect size, at the perfect price, and tried it on? I suddenly realized that I was not a chambray shirt kind of person. I looked like someone playing dress up. A wanna be. Who knew?

That was when I had the awakening. I desperately needed to find my style soul. To know the type of clothes that speak about who I am. That I feel completely comfortable in. That present the face that I desire to show to the world. And here is what I’ve found:

+ I love classics: solids, stripes, florals, plaids, polkadots…
+ I love “preppy” – think Ralph Lauren
+ I love fitted/tailored/polished cuts – nothing oversized has ever looked good on my body type
+ I looooooooove cardigans (just call me Mr(s). Rogers)
+ I love jeans
+ I love button ups
+ I love small accents of trend (scarves, shoes, belts)
+ I love tasteful, classic, sophisticated jewelry – specifically in metals
+ I love soft colors – mostly neutral, pastel, and earthy. And when I want a pop of color, I’ll usually go for rich jewel tones
+ I love nautical
+ I love fair isle
+ I love to feel feminine and “pulled together” in my clothes
+ I love a slightly vintage feel – often in the form of shoes or jewelry
+ I love cozy

And well, that pretty much sums me up! Just taking the time to really go through and edit, edit, and re-edit my closet – then thinking about how each and every outfit I wear makes me feel, has helped me to finally find the soul of my style. And now? I can’t wait to get dressed everyday! And when I go shopping, it’s a much more focused and successful experience.

No more fashion identity crisis for me! I have found my look. The clothes I feel utterly and completely at home in. *cue the song “At Last”*

What about you? Do you feel like your closet is a cohesive medley of who you are? Can you mix and match your pieces endlessly? Or do you feel like what is staring back at you is just a hodgepodge of different stages of your life, lots of great sale finds, and things that don’t make you smile when you put them on and look in the mirror?

Well, keep an eye out for these “Soul of Your Style” posts where I’ll share more about finding MY style soul, and hopefully, help you find yours along the way!