Home Tour – Master Bedroom

We’re at the next stop on the Home Tour today folks! It’s time to visit our Master Bedroom. One of the few rooms in the house that I had a very clear ending vision for when we started the renovation process, it was also one of the last rooms that we tackled! The main doozy here was the ceiling. When our home was “set”, the people who came in and touched up things that were damaged in the moving process (our home is a modular home) did a pretty rotten job on our bedroom ceiling. The one room in the whole house where we actually spend time staring at the ceiling everyday. Figures! Anyway, we have always wanted this ceiling re-done, but have never worked up the unction to do it. Once the room was already a disaster via other renos, it was a little easier to want to tackle it though! It took my sweet, patient husband 4 solid days of spraying, and scraping, and spackling, and mudding… Talk about a crick in your neck… But the end result was sooooo worth it. I love our old world style plaster ceiling!

But onto some photographs that are infinitely more interesting than a ceiling:

The inspiration for this room? The color (a warm gray) with glossy white dentil crown molding, English hunt theme, large iron lantern/chandelier, patterned carpet, mix of black and antique wood furniture, and (still a dream) worn, tufted leather settee idea for the foot of the bed, all came from Keswick Hall. Shocking, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


One of the practical projects some friends helped us with, was cutting open our walk-in closet to make it more of an alcove. It used to have a small hinged door that was difficult to get through with, say, a basket load of laundry, or boxes from the attic (our attic access is IN the closet). It is so wonderfully convenient now!

You can read more about our mantel bed HERE and HERE, if you so desire. These pictures were taken when my fall decor was still up, now the bed has a cozy nubbly gray plaid throw on the end of the bed in place of the paisley- with matching pillows of course, and cranberry euro shams for Christmas.

A snoozing kitty cat bumps up the coze factor, no?:


This is the dresser directly across from the bed:


Oh, and I have to give some props to the wonders of MOLDING! This room gained some serious substance, age, and classic-ness (just made that word up) simply by adding some real-deal molding to the space. Crown, chair, and window topper were all new. And we upgraded (in size) the door and baseboard moldings. What a difference that made! Here’s a little molding montage for you:


And we can’t forget our flooring – I knew I wanted gray patterned carpet with a super squishy carpet pad – we found this one as a remnant, and had it bound ourselves (that is totally the cost-effective way to go people!). The “wood” is actually laminate from Sams Club. Who’da thunk, right?! Didn’t even know Sams Club sold flooring. But I saw it in someones whole house once, and just fell in love! You can’t beat the price, quality (padding is attached-score!), and hand scraped look. Never thought I’d like such a reddish wood, but I think it warms up the gray rug and walls even more.:

This is the view into our Master Bath (which you toured HERE):

And the view to the deck right off our room via double glass doors:


ย Welp, that’s all for today! Thanks so much for joining me :-).

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Our Newest Addition

Those of you who have been to our home within the last several months, have seen a large slab of wood propped up against the wall right as you came in the house. It has been a project in progress since the beginning of the summer – and it has just recently “found its legs” (pun intended).

But allow me to start back at the beginning of the story…during this remodel, we knew that we wanted to have a strong, juxtaposed marriage between the natural/rustic and the classic/elegant. Our dining room had a very strong classic/elegant bent developing, and we knew we needed to bring in a much more earthy element to blend it with the rest of the house. Hence our plans for a brick floor, and this brainchild piece:

My husband cuts down trees, and one day he (sadly) cut down one of the oldest white birch trees in our area because it had died – they typically don’t fare very well this far south. I should add that we both have a special affinity for birch trees, and so with the first cut, he immediately began thinking of what we might be able to do with the wood. – We settled on an entryway table, and sent a good portion of the tree off to a fellow arborist’s saw mill. He cut it, and heat treated it for us, and then the great debate about what kind of legs we wanted for this beauty, began.

We went back and forth, and back and forth (for. months.).- And then one day the same guy who owns the saw mill said he had found the perfect thing! And by golly – he had!

Meet our new entryway table:

Home Tour – The Kitchen

Time for the second stop on our home tour: The Kitchen. Although I’ve already done an official “reveal” post of sorts for this room when we completed the cabinets, before and afters are always fun, no?! So here is what our kitchen looked like pre-reno (complete with dirty dishes on the counter ;-)):

And since then, we’ve painted both the walls and the cabinets, added crown molding, beadboard, and corbel brackets to the contractor grade cabinets, spray painted the hardware, changed the light fixtures and…voila! A glimpse at the kitchen today:

Some details L-R: 1. Hardware from Habitat Re-Store, 2. Our weekly menu board, 3. Plate stand from Willow House holding our everyday white basket weave dishes and brown transferware.

1. Lovebirds on top of the fridge with chicken wire accessories (the unofficial theme in the kitchen is French Country), 2. An old kitchen scale, and 3. The window valance.

We have much more we’d like to do in this room eventually…the island is still the old honey oak, and we would like to either paint, beadboard, or cover it with stone/brick/reclaimed wood. The jury is still out on that one… As our appliances die, we plan to replace them with stainless steel. And lastly, with any luck, the floor should be replaced within the next few months (probably post-holidays now).

One thing I love about the island, is the detail my husband put into the trim when we made the island top – We will definitely be keeping that in tact regardless of what we decide to do with the body of the island.:

A close-up of the distressed cabinets and the rope crown (to match the island) we added, in case anybody is in the market for details! ;-):

One super groovy idea I found and copied from Nicole’s house (a friend of Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy), was to paint our toe kick boards black (to mimic a shadow), and then add a pair of faux legs to the cabinets so that they look a little more like pieces of stand-alone furniture. That Nicole is brilliant I tell ya!:

Aaaaaaand, that’s all for today folks! Thanks so much for joining me for this second installment of my Home Tour series. I hope you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and if you missed the first stop on the tour, here’s the link:
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Home Tour – The Den

So enough of you requested (begged, demanded, ha!) a tour of my home that I am finally giving in! It’s not a big or fancy house – just a simple modular ranch with an open floor plan – but with all the renovations we’ve been doing over the past year, I figured it was high time for an update on what things are looking like around here anyway. – We live on 3 acres in the country, and our place is called Windy Poplars. *Side note: are there any readers out there who have been following along since my blog was called Windy Poplars?? Stand up and wave, and imagine me giving you a big bouquet of roses and a kiss ;-)!

Thought I’d start the tour today in the den – which is a really difficult room to photograph. It’s just…busy looking…no bones about it. Especially since I had an explosion of fallishness happen on my mantle! The music gallery wall makes things seem hectic in photos, but I promise, it’s a more peaceful place in real life when you can see the blank walls at the same time. But enough qualification, I’ll let the photos do the talkin’…

Here is the view that you see when you’re standing in the kitchen:

And this is to the left up near the fireplace, complete with a cozy cat curled up on the chair:

These bookshelves are on your immediate right:

And this little table and my favorite chair are right in front of you, sort of in the middle of the room:

There is a tall antique highboy (which is great for storage) to the left of that table/chair:

And in the first photo, you can see the very top of the two leather recliners, that I call “the gorillas” – because, well, that’s what they look like!

This mirror is above the couch, looking at the fireplace on the opposite wall:

Fireplace gate detail:

And the floor detail. It’s much darker brown than it came out looking-don’t know why it seems so red…you know how color can be on cameras… It’s a hand scraped hickory that’s meant to look old and weathered. We looked loooong and hard for this floor, but are very happy with our decision!

ย So there’s our den, or well, as much of it as I could capture in pictures today! Our inspiration during the remodel was the Restoration Hardware catalog from two seasons ago. We loved the easy-to-live-in rustic/natural-meets-industrial with neutral feminine touches (and tufting, oh how I love tufting). We added in some leather, lots of varied wood tones and a good dose of linen.

It’s been a process, but we really love living in this room. It’s US in all our eclectic-ness, and just feels like, well, home :-)!

Thanks for stopping by for the tour of our main living area today…lots more to come!

Simplify – Day 1: The First Step

Are you ready girls? Our journey begins now! If you’re coming along for the ride, you may want to designate a small notebook or journal in which to record your thoughts. We’re going to be doing a fair amount of introspection along the way…and I know it really helps me to be able to record my musings with paper and pen.

Today your task is to take a few moments to make a list of the 5 things that are most important to you. Your 5 top priorities.

Here are mine:

+ Growing my relationship with God (always the challenge of living in His love and acceptance of me, and being able to let that flow through me toward others – learning to trust – learning to listen – and desperately trying to understand it all…)

+ My husband (caring for him well…keeping his practical and emotional needs met, and being able to disconnect from the projects I’m in the middle of to spend undivided time with him each evening)

+ My closest friends (only three…if friends are this high up on your priority list, there can’t be many…remember: “A friend to all, is a friend to none”)

+ Growing my new businesses (my exercise class clientele, and this here blog)

+ Personal well-being (stress management, proper sleep, healthy eating, exercise, etc.)

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of other things on your/my priority list, but identifying the top 5 will help you remain focused. These are your “things which matter most”ย  that Fridays quote alluded to. This Top 5 List will be the measuring stick, or boundary line that will help you make wise decisions, say “no” to things that are good, but are still acting as enemies of the best, and then help you order your days accordingly.


One of the ways I’m challenging myself to simplify involves this blog. I plan to work on an overhaul of the design to reflect a more simplistic “open air” feeling – I also want to challenge myself to shorter daily posts. To learn to say more, but with fewer words. That oughta be interesting – (don’t side eye me Jenni…I know you are!)

So in keeping with that challenge, I shall end this post here, and let you all go to get working on your list. Feel free to share your top 5 in the comments if you like. We’re all in this together – one baby step at a time! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Happy Little Lantern

And so, our home remodeling journey plods on. We’re mostly working on little projects now. Huge projects are done. Still a few big projects left to tackle (closet alcove makeover, stone archway, wooden beam entryway, and flooring in bedroom/bath and entry rooms) – but we’re not thinking about those today…we’re focusing on the fun little details!

I found this little abandoned former-porch-lantern at our Habitat ReStore (a remodelers best friend) for $8. This is what the poor thing looked like when I found it:

Ugh. Antique brass, inch of dust, cobwebs, some rust, ceiling paint, and very cloudy bubble glass. But Ooooohhhhh that vintage bubble glass! It had me at hello ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve been following our remodeling progress, I’ll bet you have a good idea of what I did to this little number… Anybody? If you guessed that I hit it with some ORB…you’re right!!!!!

Ta-da! New lease on life, baby! Scrubbed up that beautiful glass, and hung ‘er proud in our little alcove with an old-fashioned Edison light bulb inside. Here she is installed in her new home (sorry for the poor photo quality, it was the best I could do):

On the homestretch of this remodeling train, I sure do love a good project that can be completed in a day! If you want to browse around at more of our home renovation progress, click HERE.

So what about you? Any home projects on the docket?

Meet Our New “Lounger”

Did you think a lounger was a dress your grandma wore? Or a fold up, adjustable patio chair? Or your sister who would never help with the dinner dishes? Well, maybe you’re right…but a lounger is also what we’re calling our new family addition that falls somewhere between a chaise and a traditional couch!

You can look back to THIS POST to see our original itty-bitty chocolate love seat -which we knew we’d have to replace as soon as the wood flooring was put in. We sold the love seat quickly on Craigs List (oh, Craigs List, how I love thee – do you people use that marvel?), and we were loveseatless for weeks as we waited for a big-to-do annual furniture sale in our area.

Turns out, it was absolutely worth the wait! Look at this cute little number that came home with us:

I love so many things about it:

*I love that it’s a light linen color (which reminds me, I need to remember to coat it with Scotchguard) – it really brightens up that side of the room
*I love that it’s a “lounger”
*I love that you can remove all the pillows – which, thanks to both of the aforementioned, makes it large enough to be a twin-sized bed should we need it for company.
*I love that it is a 50/50 feather and polyfill blend. The comfort and “squish” of down, but the buoyancy of poly.
*I love that it is modernish
*I love that it has nailheads that are sort-of hidden – it’s like our own little secret
*I love that it perfectly matched my much-adored french throne chair
*I love that it was only $198!!!!! (marked down from $2200)

Why the steal?

Well, because it was in a warehouse. With a metal roof. And it rained hard. And the roof leaked. And rust got on the cushion. BUT! it’s just in a couple little places, and with a strategically positioned throw, you’d never know the difference! Except that I just told you. But just forget that I did. And DON’T you dare move my throw if you come over :-D. Ha!

Long-term plan is to get the fabric code from the company, and sew a slip cover for the bottom cushion, which should be relatively easy I think – since it’s just one big rectangle. Well, relatively easy for someone who knows how to use a sewing machine that is…most definitely not me. We’ll see if we follow through with that.~

So that’s our fun new addition to the still-in-progress household!

Have you purchased any new furniture or accessories for your house lately? Where is your favorite place to shop for good finds (we’re still in the market for a fabulous coffee table)?