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Fashion & Fabulous Finds Friday


IMG_7998IMG_7953IMG_7967IMG_7985Cami: LOFT | Eyelet Blazer: JCrew | Pants: Target | Necklace: handmade by me 🙂 | Booties: Sofft

 Fabulous Finds

Heather shared this delicious sounding recipe for roasting baby carrots on her blog,  and it got my mouth watering and my heart longing for summertime  garden produce! Can’t wait to try it!

If you’re a blogger, you must read this list of things that Aunie tells her husband. I was nodding in agreement, and laughing the whole way through! I guess we bloggers are nothing if not predictable!

As a student of photography myself – always looking for brilliant new ideas, angles, tips, etc. I fell in love when I stumbled upon this library photo shoot by Katie this week. I adore the setting, the light, the angles. Just everything about it!

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Happy weekend friends! May it be full of every good thing!


Fashion and Fabulous Finds Friday


IMG_7920IMG_7913IMG_7929IMG_7950Cami: LOFT | Cardigan: Target | Jeans: Mossimo-Target | Shoes: Payless | Pearls: vintage | Glasses: Coastal Contacts

Fabulous Finds

I am drooling over Darby’s new dining room wall! Stenciled in navy and white, it just screams fun sophistication. Go check it out – you’ll be inspired to give the world of new-style stenciling a try in your home!

Miss Casey (whom I now have the pleasure of calling an IRL friend…more on that next week), just got a blog makeover that I really think you should go oooooh and aaaaah over! I adore it! The handiwork is courtesy of the girls over at Maiedae – an up and coming design company that has a wonderful story of friendship and inspiration behind it. ♥ If you’re in need of some spring sprucing on your blog, look up Jenny or Savannah today!

Beautiful, inspiring post by Sophie about dreaming big, and being brave enough to share those dreams with others! She shares some great quotes as she honestly shows us her heart, and a glimpse at the wonderful dreams she is chasing.

Week in Review

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Thank you, as always, for another week of faithfully visiting (and sharing, and pinning!) my little corner of the interweb. I ♥ my readers!

Fashion and Fabulous Finds Friday


IMG_7826 IMG_7804 IMG_7811
A corduroy jacket, ivory tunic, trouser jeans, and a new-to-me scarf knot. Pretty classically Kristin. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon date with my favorite guy :-).
Blazer: American Eagle | Tunic: JCrew | Trouser Jeans: TJ Maxx | Scarf: NY&Co.

Fabulous Finds

My dear friend Kate (from Something Ivory) wrote about friendship this week in a post called “No Glue, But Mutual Liking”. It is a very interesting read, and reflects my thoughts on the subject perfectly. I thrive best in relationships with boundaries, commitment, and clear expectations. Most of which are usually missing within the bounds of female friendships. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Savannah wrote about the importance of embracing our emotions this week. It was a great reminder! Go have a read…

And lastly, you’ll want to check out this darling spring tablescape idea from the talented Jennifer of Dear Lillie. Moss covered mushrooms??? Yes please! 🙂

Happy Friday to you all! Thanks so much for faithfully visiting Vignettes this week. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

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Fashion & Fabulous Finds Friday



Fabulous Finds

I just recently discovered the Olivia James blog, and I am in love! Her photography is so wonderfully inspiring, and almost a “textbook” to study when thinking about ways to improve your own work behind the lens. Her pictures always inspire me!

I’ve also recently discovered Instagram! Have you followed me there yet? HERE’S the link, my handle is: @KThroughTheDay (just like Twitter). You’ll be able to keep up with lots more of my daily life, projects, food, and of course lots of sweet pooch pics make their way to the feed too ;-). See you on the IG?

And while we’re running ads (!), if you’re looking for some spring decorating ideas, check out my Spring/Easter board on Pinterest. I’ve sure been enjoying adding some seasonal inspiration to it of late!

Happy Weekending Friends 🙂

Fashion and Fabulous Finds Friday



This week for the fashion portion of the post, I thought I’d share about the 30×30 Challenge. Have you heard of it before? It’s been around for quite a few years now, but I think it’s just a fabulous, fun way to start rethinking/re-mixing your wardrobe! The concept originated with Kendi from Kendi Everyday, and you can read a more detailed explanation of the challenge HERE and HERE.

Recently, Kate from The Small Things Blog did a 30×30 with her sister. HERE is her starting post where she shares all the pieces she chose to use, and HERE is her ending post where you can see a collage of all 30 outfits she came up with.

So if you’re feeling like you want to dive head first into this world of re-mixing, or perhaps you just want to go a whole month without buying an article of clothing, or maybe you need that extra push to wear certain neglected pieces that you love, but for whatever reason always pass over when it’s time to get dressed, why not challenge yourself with a 30×30?!

Fabulous Finds

I am dying over this darling office space, and the newly built DIY floating bookshelves! Houndstooth stenciling? Yes please :-). Go check out Aimee’s post – you’re sure to be inspired…

Everyone should pause to read this beautiful, simple post about Lent from Amanda. It will make you stop and reflect on the beautiful soul of this season.

Comparison. We’ll all struggle with it at one time or another. It can truly eat you alive, can’t it? But this post from Aunie was so encouraging – just like a virtual pat on the back! Go read it. And today? Be proud of being you.