Navy, White, and Short Hair


Navy and white. Fresh, classic, ageless, and quintessentially summer. And speaking of summer, I suppose that’s as good a time as ever to cut half your hair off, no?


A Perfect Traveling Dress

petalsIMG_9562 IMG_9570

On our recent trip abroad, our luggage (thanks to our Ryanair flight) was fairly limited.- I have more posts cooking up about how I managed to pack lightly and remix my vacation wardrobe, but today I just have a quick outfit shot for you highlighting what I would call the perfect holiday dress. It’s an outfit-in-one:  just add some earrings and you’re good to go. It even has the belt built-in! Because of the weight of the fabric, color, and pattern, you don’t have to worry about a slip or camisole. And let me tell you…all those little things add up when bag space is at a premium!

Now let’s talk about hair for a sec. I dislike wearing my hair back completely. Just don’t like what it does to my face shape. But because of our schedule, activities, hard water of Tuscany, wind of Ireland, and my lack of desire to spend 3 sessions a day working on my hair, my option were: braid or ponytail it. That got old fast. So upon my arrival home, I decided a trim was in order. Actually a 6 inch trim. – Pictures to come.


The Soul of Your Style – Elle

Today is our last description installment in The Soul of Your Style series. Next week, I’ll post a quiz to help you to find out which style best suits your soul. If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find each description and sample wardrobe in the links below:


And now, #4 is:


Elle- Is the modern, bold, trend setter

To Elles, getting dressed is an exciting adventure everyday! They live on the cusp of fashion, and can’t wait each season to find out what the big new trend is going to be. They have overflowing closets full of endless possibilities. They love bright colors, bold geometric prints, and lots of big statement jewelry. In an Elles closet you will often find a shoe collection to rival Zappos – one for every occasion, and then some. She will have multiple coats, hats, and jackets to use an an extension of her daily outfit masterpieces. A sun glass collection is also a must for this girl! Elles are very brave and forward in the colors, patterns, and genres they mix and match. Gravitating toward leather, furs, leggings, and bright skinny jeans. Nothing is off limits!

For an Elle, the constant challenge can often be editing her wardrobe. Not ever wanting to part with a garment, even if she’s only worn it once (or not at all) is quite difficult!  But just because she loves being fresh and fashionable, doesn’t mean that she can’t also have a highly functional, yet manageable-sized remixable wardrobe. Below is an example:

Elle- Inspiration Board

Any primary Elles out there??

One Item – Six Ways

Time for our next installment of “One Item, Six Ways”. Ready? Today we’re checking out the versatility of the ubiquitous button down shirt. The one I’m wearing in these photographs is pretty middle-of-the-road as far as dressiness goes: an all-season light cotton, in a feminine calico print.

IMG_7527 Style #1: -All American Girl- throwing on a jean jacket and some interesting-yet-still-neutral cords makes this button up ready to head out shopping or to a meet up with your girlfriends at the coffee shop.

IMG_7518 Style #2: -Classically Casual- this outfit is totally me. Old comfy jeans, a soft pullover scoop neck sweater, leather booties, and a touch of classic jewelry to add some polish. Perhaps my favorite way to wear a button-down.

IMG_7553 Style #3: –A Little Bit Country- Yet another way to make a sleeveless sundress last all year long. Shown here with the button-down knotted at the waist, and some boots for warmth.

IMG_7571 Style #4: -Sunny Days- In the warmer months, use your long sleeved button-down as a light jacket to fend off morning and evening chill.

IMG_7581 Style #5: -Belted Blues- This time, the jeans are a dressier dark wash, and our button-down is tucked in and belted. Because it is winter, I added an ivory scarf to the ensemble. This is perhaps the most versatile of the styles. Wear it anywhere!

IMG_7545Style #6: -Dressed Up With No Place to Go- Taking the cotton shirt to the next level by pairing it with a high-waisted leather skirt, wide belt, and ever ladylike pearls; your everyday shirt, just got its fancy on!

So there you have it. Six different ways to style your favorite button-down. Variety is the spice of life (and the key to a fresh and endlessly remixable wardrobe too incidentally)!

If you’d like to see more One Item – Six Ways posts, CLICK HERE.

And if you’re still not convinced that a button-down shirt (or two or three) are a very practical addition to your remixable wardrobe, you can watch the video I made with even more button-down ideas HERE!

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The Soul of Your Style – Jane

Time to explore the second soul in our series. If you missed the first (Violet), you can find it HERE.


Jane- Is timeless, and classically chic.

She is a practical girl, yet polished and pulled together. The type that would never been seen in public without lipstick (or gloss!) on. Jane wants to invest in beautiful clothes that will stand the test of time – both in quality and cut. She enjoys very classic prints (plaid, stripes, florals, polkadots, argyles) over trendy ones (graphic tees, watercolors, abstracts, color blocks), and classic colors: lots of neutrals, with soft earth and rich jewel tones. Rarely are Janes bright and bold, although they can enjoy a playful pop of color or pattern in the form of accessories. They prefer to have their clothes tailored to fit like a glove. You’ll find them equally at home in jeans, a dressy blouse, and heels; a simple dress; or a pencil skirt and jacket. Janes find comfort in the ritual of getting dressed everyday, and how it positively affects their demeanor. Although typically feminine to the core, it is not unusual for a Jane to favor menswear inspired clothing. Her make up is organic and understated. Highlighting one feature at a time – either her eyes or lips. Janes love to accessorize: scarves, large timeless jewelry, belts, glasses, a variety of hairstyles… And for shoes – expect to find a Jane in basic heels, penny loafers/oxfords, and knee-high boots. To bed, Janes like to wear simple feminine gowns, or classic, matching pajama sets.

And now for the inspiration board, featuring a pop of emerald – Pantone’s color of the year: If the concept of a remixable wardrobe (one in which the items can be endlessly mixed and matched with each other) is a new one to you, I encourage you to study these boards, and find all of the versatility in them. See how the pieces work together. Notice how the accessory collections strategically compliment the majority of the clothing pieces. See how many different outfits you can put together!

Jane - Inspiration Board

So what do you think? Are you a Jane?

You can take the Soul of Your Style Quiz HERE.

Fashion and Fabulous Finds Friday


You know those big flowy oversized cardigans? Kind of “meh”.

But, what if we took one side and swept it up to the opposite shoulder with a brooch?

Ta-da!!! We’d get an instantly fun, feminine, flattering side-swept sweater:


*Tip: if you’re wearing something loose and flowy on the top half of your body, wear something more form fitting on the bottom half – and vice-versa.

Fabulous Finds:

Some of you have asked for some of my favorite fashion sites, and Putting Me Together by Miss Audrey, is certainly one of my top picks. She has been on the journey of creating a remixable wardrobe too, and has created some great series that are a wealth of information. HERE is her latest post on why finding the correct fit for your body is so important.

I also really love Wendy’s Lookbook. Her style is adventurous and creative without being over-the-top. She also produces lots of videos that are great inspiration for remixing. Have you seen her 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf? It’s fabulous! Oh, and if you want to have a good cry over shoes (?), then go watch her Be Your Shoeself video. But make sure you have Kleenex nearby first before you click the link. Trust me. 🙂

And on that note, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans?

Four Eyes

Yes, I’m a four eyes. But the strange thing? I kind of love it. You see, I always wanted glasses…even before I needed them. I was so weird. So imagine my delight (?) when things started to go a bit fuzzy as I would gaze off into the distance! My mom would say it was from all my late night readings in bed (after I was supposed to be asleep) by the faint glow of my nightlight. Either way, the optometric gods ruled in my favor! Lucky me. 😉

I clearly remember picking out my first pair of wire rimmed tortoise shells! They were round. And big. Oh how I loved them! But after a few years of being attached at the nose (and being a ballet dancer: bun heads and glasses are not cute together), I was ready to break out into the freedom that was contacts! Our road together was not easy, and though I still occasionally wear them, I have once again decided to embrace the four-eyed way of life.

And if you have to wear glasses, why not wear cute glasses? And if you’re gonna wear cute glasses, why not make them a part of your fashion statement? And if you’re gonna make them part of your fashion statement, why not own some in every color?

So that is precisely what I set out to do.

Thanks to the advent of online stores that sell prescription glasses (and all their fantabulous offers) I have quite the collection.


And my newest find?! A wonderful online store that sells a great selection of both prescription, and non-prescription eyeglasses. They contacted me a while back to ask if I would review a pair for them here on the blog, and it took me all of ten seconds to say “yes” ;-). The first pair I ordered were just a touch too big, and so I can also recommend their customer service! They were very friendly, and my exchange  was quick and easy. The second pair fit like a glove. The prescription was perfect, and the frames; excellent quality. I would highly recommend them. To help avoid the too-big problem I had, give this groovy little try-on widget a try:

Neat, huh? So now you know where to go when you need to buy glasses (or just want to!). There’s a 30% OFF + FREE Shipping sale going on with code: EYECANDY30!