Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites

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 Here is a delightful little snack that is easy to prepare, healthful, and delicious! Plain Greek yogurt, blueberries, and maple syrup are all it takes. Mix, dollop onto wax paper, and freeze. Once frozen, remove them to a freezer bag or container, and pop one out whenever the craving for something sweet strikes!


Finding the Soul of Your Style Quiz

petalsIt’s here! The Finding the Soul of Your Style Quiz.


To see re-mixable wardrobe inspiration boards for your style, click on the links below:


If you would like to discover your secondary style, simply re-take the quiz, answering the questions with your second choice from the answer list.

I’m a Jane Violet 🙂

So tell me, what is the soul of your style? Do you agree/disagree with the quiz results?

Exercising with Aunie


Hey! Annelise from Aunie Sauce joining you today to talk about one of my favorite topics, fitness!

I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle, and thank goodness, because I love to eat. Nachos, mac and cheese, pizza… you’ll find all of those on my favorite foods list- and trust me, I eat them often. But I love balancing a good evening pizza meal with a great morning workout to rev my metabolism and keep me going before I kick back and indulge.

Every other Friday on my blog, I share new workout routines that you can do just about anywhere- at home, at the gym, even at a playground.

I try to live without excuses. You will never hear “I don’t have time to workout” come out of my mouth. If I have a busy day or can’t make it to the gym, I’ll run a couple loops around my street and do a few sit-ups in my living room.

Everyday, we’re given choices. It’s those choices that not only define how your day will go, but they define you as a person. For me, exercising -even for just 10-15 minutes a day- is a choice I will always stand behind. What do you think, want to join me and be healthy? Come visit me every other Friday (or more often, of course) for your workout exercises fix. Let’s get fit!

Find me here: Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram // YouTubepetalsThanks so much for sharing with us Aunie!
As a fitness instructor myself, I love her Friday workouts and general tips for active living. There is much more than fitness to her blog though! Reading Aunie Sauce inspires me to try out some fun new styles on my hair every-once-in-awhile instead of wearing it the same old boring way everyday. 🙂 An open and honest writer, I’m positive you’ll enjoy getting to know this multifaceted, kind, talented, blogging soul. Go hop on over to her place and say hello!

Come, Share Life…

petalsThese pictures were taken during a simply beautiful night. A night filled with a peaceful drive in the country, sweet friends, masterfully created lego cars, adorable doggies, lessons in chicken farming, tales of unfortunate bee stings, and the most delicious calzones you’ve ever had.

Just sharing life…

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Ambassadors For Marriage

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Today I’ve asked my dear blog friend Kate from Something Ivory to share a few of her thoughts concerning marriage with you. I hope you enjoy what she has to say!

In the eight or nine months that I’ve been a blogger, I’ve noticed a trend–behind almost every single blog I read is a woman. But more specifically, behind almost every blog I read is a married woman, and usually passionately so. I know there are also plenty of blogs written by unmarried women but from what I’ve experienced, they are very much in the minority. I really can’t explain it (if you can, please fill me in) but I think it’s so interesting!

As bloggers, we are immersed in this world where so many women are incredibly dedicated to their marriages. It’s beautiful, and encouraging, and inspiring. But it also makes it easy to forget that, as a whole, marriage isn’t doing quite as well as it is in our own lives and in the lives of many of our blogging friends. Too many marriages end. Too many young women are afraid of getting married, or want to get married but can’t seem to make it happen. Too many young men are hesitant to commit, or don’t know how to commit.

I have girlfriends who desperately want to find their partner in life but are frustrated and discouraged by the lack of seriousness in so many of the men they meet. I also have girlfriends who have jaded, even cynical, ideas about what marriage is like, and I fear for them. It makes me sad that their understanding of marriage is so hopeless.

All of this is to say that as happily married blogging women, we have a job to do! I really believe we have to be ambassadors for marriage. We have to write about it–not only the beautiful parts that make our hearts sing, but the hard parts that remind us of our vows to love our husbands “for better or for worse.” We need to write about what fuels our relationships, how hard we work to be the best wives we can be, and how rewarding it is to give our energy to the person who deserves it the most. We need to write about love. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote that, “It is not your love that sustains the marriage, but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love.” Living generously and selflessly for our husbands is fulfilling, it’s joyful, and it will keep our love alive and strong.

And we have to write about what makes marriage so wonderful. The companionship. The unending support. The comfort. The delightfulness of having your husband bring you breakfast in bed. The sacredness of a shared existence. The closeness that comes from experiencing life together.

No, we shouldn’t sugar-coat marriage, as I mentioned before. It’s very important to think and talk and write about the difficulties involved in marriage. But I think most of us would agree that the beauty of it outweighs the rest. If you’ve ever had a friend who is waiting to find the one, wanting to give her heart to a deserving man, trying to be patient but feeling so alone, you know that it’s a wrenching thing to witness. It makes you realize that those of us who have found our husbands are so blessed. 

Hopefully, by being intentional (one of dear Kristin’s favorite words) in this, we can each play a small role in shifting the culture that currently surrounds marriage in our modern world. So that more women find true love. So that more men begin looking for it, and in the right ways. So that more husbands and wives are inspired not to give up, and so that more marriages thrive.

Thanks so much for having me, Kristin!

petalsIf you enjoyed Kate’s musings, and want to hear more of her thoughts on modern Christian womanhood, drool over her recipes, or be inspired by her adorable DIY projects, stay connected here:

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How to Prepare Leeks


How to properly prepare leeks | Vignettes~ the Blog

Leeks. Those funny, fat non-bulbous members of the onion family. I adore them in a good soup, and though they add a deliciously creamy sweet-onion taste, if not prepped properly, they can also add a rather unwelcome gritty texture to the mix.

How to properly prepare leeks | Vignettes~ the Blog

Luckily, thoroughly cleaning out the sand found between the layers is easy as a wink! All you have to do is give the outside a good rinse, cut off the roots, then slice the white part into 1/4″ rounds. Have a deep bowl filled with cool water at the ready, and throw your slices in as you separate the round layers from one another.

How to properly prepare leeks | Vignettes~ the Blog

Swish the rounds vigorously in the water, and all the sand will sink to the bottom, while the leeks float. See?

How to properly prepare leeks | Vignettes~ the BlogScoop out the rounds, drain, and add to your favorite recipe grit-free!

How to properly prepare leeks | Vignettes~ the BlogIf you’d like a recipe to use your perfectly clean leeks in, come visit me over on She{hearts}It today where I’m sharing a yummy Creamy Spring Carrot Leek Soup!