Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the interweb. I love meeting new friends – best thing about blogging, don’t you think?

I’m Kristin, author-in-residence here at Vignettes, and I’ve loved writing ever since I can remember.

So what you can expect to find around here? Well, I write about a wide variety of things, which qualifies me as a “lifestyle blogger”. Here are just a few: home decorating ideas and renovation projects, recipes and cooking, occasional travel reviews, my pets, weekly quotes, my take on fashion, finding great deals, what real friendship looks like (one of my latest soapboxes), and a good dose of whatever else is on my mind each day.

I live on 3 acres, by a brook, in Virginia, with my beloved husband Jesse. We have three furbabies: two rescued Bichon Frise puppies: Chester and Caroline, and a gray calico cat (who rules the house): Autumn Joy.

The pooch hams: Chester and Caroline (Autumn does not like having her photo taken)

I would say that I am a bit of a walking contradiction:

*A ballerina, who is excessively clumsy
*A healthy clean-eating advocate, who craves double cheeseburgers and can out-eat anybody when it comes to BBQ sandwiches
*A worrywart, who is married to someone who swings from trees all day
*A play-it-safe, risk taker
*A girl who hates exercise, but is a fitness instructor
*A chronic list maker, who has trouble staying on task

My Blogging Story:

Several years ago, on a whim, I decided to start a little blog over on the Blogger platform. As I found my footing, started learning a little about photography, posting, web design, etc. I got seriously hooked! – Three blog addresses, several mistakes, loads of overly ambitious aspirations, and a switch from Blogger to WordPress later, here I am tapping away at my new (and hopefully forever) home: Vignettes. The “big switch” was kind of like starting back at square one for me. I am, once again, trying to grow a baby blog from scratch, finding my “blogging family”, and enjoying meeting lots of new people along the way. I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Lastly, a few things you should know:
*I like to start sentences with the words “and” and “so”
*I am passionate about passionate marriages
*I believe God created, died for, and sustains me
*I quote quotes on a regular basis
*I love all things vintage and old fashioned
*I adore snail mail
*I am a scandalously devoted Harry Potter fan
*I change my bedsheets twice a week

Full Disclosure: I sometimes write sponsored posts for companies that compensate me with money or free product. All opinions are entirely my own. I will occasionally link to things via affiliate links, which means: if you purchase that item, I make a small commission. All photos on Vignettes have been taken by myself or my husband, unless otherwise noted.

Aaaand I guess that’s about it for essentials! I’m so grateful that you took the time to stop by today. I write here on Vignettes because somebody out there cares enough to read what I have to say. That means the world to me!

Now, I’d love the chance to get to know you – so leave me a comment and introduce yourself (and your blog!) whydon’tcha? 🙂

If you’d ever like to drop me a line, you can do so HERE.