The Flower Potluck

petalsOnce upon a time, not so very long ago, I was perusing the eye candy that is Louisa Brimble’s blog. Lo and behold I came across THIS post. It was a beautiful photo with few words. As per usual. But the title intrigued me: A Flower Potluck. There was no explanation as to what a “Flower Potluck” was, but my brain was quickly formulating what it could be. And a beautiful day was born:

IMG_0461 IMG_0463 IMG_0469 IMG_0473 IMG_0453 IMG_0447IMG_0478 IMG_0483


6 thoughts on “The Flower Potluck

  1. lol….. I was so excited when I saw the title because I was wondering from instagram what it could be, and then I was like “oh… she blogged about it”… but you just teased me again. It really does look lovely though. hope you had a great time.

    • Hahahaha! Too funny! Well, yes, since I discovered the concept ambiguously, I thought I’d share it that way too…so people could dream up their own version of what a Flower Potluck could be and run with it! Mine was an alfresco afternoon lunch where everyone brought a bunch of flowers, (some from their yard, some from the store). We laid all the beautiful flowers out on a large table, and then everyone dove in and made some lovely mixed bouquets to take home with them.- It was an absolutely lovely afternoon!

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