Living In The Moment


How often are we ever truly living in a moment? All senses tuned, full concentration engaged?

I feel like our society is one that doesn’t innately teach us how to live presently. It seems we are either being driven by a sense of regret or blame (living in the past), or else one of guilt, stress, or discontentment (living in the future). Perhaps our minute-to-minute feelings aren’t so black and white as that, but are we always keeping a mental to-do list running on loop in the background of our consciousness?

Today, I want to encourage you to BE. Pick a moment. Whether it is at a mealtime, or on a coffee date, while you’re walking through a park, reading your child a book, wrapped in your husbands arms, or even just sitting at your workspace.

Open up your senses. Feel the world around you. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Hear? Touch? How does your heart respond to those things?

What fades into the shadows during those moments of present-living? It’s a beautiful thing…being fully there. Your soul will be imprinted with those moments forever. Your heart will soften to a place of gratitude.

It’s how to grasp onto life, instead of letting life run you over. Will you give it a try today? This weekend?


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7 thoughts on “Living In The Moment

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I am definitely taking your advice!!! Life is somuch more enjoyable AND productive when we focus on each moment, task, and time with people. Why would we want to rush it?

  2. I’ve been trying to do more of this! I like to think of it as being “mindful.” Isn’t that a great word? I read that anxiety and stress can actually be overcome just by being mindful, placing yourself in context of a much bigger world, getting that perspective, noticing your responses to experiences good and bad.

    I will try this this weekend! 🙂

  3. Thank you! It’s hard to be still when I have so much going on around me. I hope to take a few moments to soak up some stillness today!

  4. Beautiful post! I’ve been trying to do just that – be PRESENT. I’ve found that taking mediation have helped me immensely to enjoy the moment and not worry about when else must be done today.

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