A Little Gift For You on May Day


Happy May Day friends! A day that holds the beautiful tradition of making little baskets of goodies to leave secretly on the doorstep of your nearest and dearest.

Well, in the spirit of giving gifts, I have a small basket of spring goodies for one lucky reader to win this week. Entering is simple, and your entries will be verified, so please be honest! Here are some photos of the content of my little May Day Basket for you. Enter below using the rafflecopter, and good luck!

IMG_8403 IMG_8405 IMG_8402 IMG_8407

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8 thoughts on “A Little Gift For You on May Day

  1. Very sweet — thanks for the chance! 🙂 I’m all about bright polish come May, and I need to branch out from my usual muted tones!

  2. What a lovely spring gift 🙂 I just needed to let you know that your blog makes me feel at home. When I’m having bad days or when I’m missing my family back home, the “atmosphere” of your blog always helps! Maybe it’s our mutual LOVE for Harry Potter (reading/watching HP is so comforting to me!) or just your sweet little self…or how about both!? 🙂

    Have a wonderful May Day, friend!

  3. Such a sweet idea. You always have the best stationary, too. 🙂 I need to spend some time looking at your Europe pictures and we need to catch up. Things are wildly exciting (hopefully for the good) over here and I want to hear more about your trip!!! Talk soon. 🙂

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