Exercising with Aunie


Hey! Annelise from Aunie Sauce joining you today to talk about one of my favorite topics, fitness!

I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle, and thank goodness, because I love to eat. Nachos, mac and cheese, pizza… you’ll find all of those on my favorite foods list- and trust me, I eat them often. But I love balancing a good evening pizza meal with a great morning workout to rev my metabolism and keep me going before I kick back and indulge.

Every other Friday on my blog, I share new workout routines that you can do just about anywhere- at home, at the gym, even at a playground.

I try to live without excuses. You will never hear “I don’t have time to workout” come out of my mouth. If I have a busy day or can’t make it to the gym, I’ll run a couple loops around my street and do a few sit-ups in my living room.

Everyday, we’re given choices. It’s those choices that not only define how your day will go, but they define you as a person. For me, exercising -even for just 10-15 minutes a day- is a choice I will always stand behind. What do you think, want to join me and be healthy? Come visit me every other Friday (or more often, of course) for your workout exercises fix. Let’s get fit!

Find me here: Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram // YouTubepetalsThanks so much for sharing with us Aunie!
As a fitness instructor myself, I love her Friday workouts and general tips for active living. There is much more than fitness to her blog though! Reading Aunie Sauce inspires me to try out some fun new styles on my hair every-once-in-awhile instead of wearing it the same old boring way everyday. 🙂 An open and honest writer, I’m positive you’ll enjoy getting to know this multifaceted, kind, talented, blogging soul. Go hop on over to her place and say hello!


7 thoughts on “Exercising with Aunie

  1. Aww. Hi Aunie! I still love that mint green shirt of yours. Hi Kristin! I’m loving your guest posts recently. 🙂 You did good with this one… she’s the best fitness guru around… simple and easy workouts. There’s no time for crazy wild workouts!!!!

  2. Didn’t know you were a fitness instructor, very cool!

    Totally agree — if you don’t have time that day, just do SOMETHING… every little bit helps!

    • Yep! It’s how I keep myself motivated :-). I know – I took Aunie’s advice these past two weeks as we were away – even if we just worked out for 10 minutes, it was better than nothing!

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