Home Style – a Winter Centerpiece

I can’t believe I’ve gone two months without sharing any of my winter home decor here on the blog! Although it’s probably too late for this year (spring is just around the corner!!!), I still wanted to share at least a few little vignettes…you can always pin them for future reference if you happen to be inspired by anything you see.

Today I’m showing you my dining room table centerpiece. Warm and rustic, yet cool and snowy. Elegant and vintage, yet simple and plain. A good summation of my current style!


Do you decorate for winter? When do you start adding touches of spring to your home?



8 thoughts on “Home Style – a Winter Centerpiece

  1. How do your pets not totally mess that up? You’ve probably got the world’s most well behaved cat, don’t you? Oh my goodness, Baci and Misha would have a snowy field day with that. It’s gorgeous, though. And I, too, tear bindings off old books and wrap them in twine. I love it!!!!

    • You are a commenting machine tonight ;-). I can’t keep up!!!! Well, my cat (Autumn) IS unusually well behaved when it comes to leaving decorations alone. BUT, she throws up all the time (because she’s always eating random things- plastic tab from a clothing tag, anyone?). And she does this weird thing that drives me bananas: when I have fresh flowers in the house (which is all basically all summer), she will go find the vases, take the flowers out of them, and then drinks the water by dipping her paw into it. Ahhhhh!!!! So weird. And annoying. So don’t get jealous or anything 🙂

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