How to Style Your Clothes – Scarves

I have learned soooo much since embarking on this journey to find the soul of my style. One of the things that I saw again and again, is people styling and re-styling their outfits with accessories. This opened up a world of new possibilities to me that I had never really tapped into before. It makes it possible to have a fairly small wardrobe, and yet still have an endless amount of different outfits to wear! So my favorite new (well, very rarely used before this year) accessory at the moment? The scarf!

Fairly inexpensive, and available in every style imaginable, a scarf can really change your look – and take it from ho-hum to fresh and fun! And since we’re all on this journey together, I thought I’d share some examples of what I mean with ya. But let’s start with a “before”, shall we? Here is me in a typical pre-fashion-journey outfit:

Not horrible: textured blouse, cardigan, corduroy pants in a slightly interesting color, patent leather heels. But let’s see how a scarf can change the look and feel of this outfit, k? First up, super simple- just button up your blouse, and throw one end of the scarf over your shoulder like so:

blog2Or you could go more to the cozy side by partially buttoning up your cardi (leave the bottom open to reveal more of your contrasting color), tying the ends of your scarf together, and looping it twice over your head. Then give the camera a cheesy smile, and here is what you’ll end up with:

blog1If you want, you could go all cutesy-wootsy and tie a big bow off to the side with an unbuttoned cardigan:

blog5And lastly, a more classic once- around scarf treatment, which I think is more on the preppy/studious end of things, don’t you?

blog2See? Just a lil ‘ole scarf can really snazz up an outfit, huh? Go try it!

Fabulous Finds

EvErYoNe (especially those of you who read Vignettes and are not bloggers) should read this post about The Currency of Blogging by my friend Casey.

Looking for something easy and delicious to make for Saturday or Sunday breakfast/brunch this weekend? Well, look no further than these Cranberry Lemon Scones from my cooking kindred spirit: Amanda. If you’ve never visited Marshall’s Abroad, you’re missing out on some amazing recipes, and out of this world photography. She makes me want to eat my computer screen on the reg.

Need a laugh today? Oh, you know you do! Well, this post from Jena wins for making me nod, smile, and outright laugh in agreement this week. Those of you who regularly buy and sell on Craigslist will especially appreciate it!

And lastly, head on over to Tina’s place to see how she and her hubby have been putting my Valentine Kit to good use this week! Love it!

Happy weekending to ya…

blog6Blouse and Jackie Cardigan: JCrew | Cords: Ann Taylor LOFT | Scarf: NY&Co. Shoes: Too old to remember πŸ˜‰



10 thoughts on “How to Style Your Clothes – Scarves

  1. Great post, I love scarfs, I recently moved house and it was only as I was packing up that I realised how many I actually own. Infinity scarfs are my favourite right now and I love how you made a normal scarf in to one in the third picture.
    I read Casey’s post earlier in the week, it definitely got me thinking.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Okay, my favorite part about this post is the picture with the scarf bow because you are cheesing it up sooooo cute and it’s just adorable! That scarf is awesome. I just love it. Especially with the cardigan. I need a navy cardigan. I’ve decided I like the Tippi cardigan better than the Jackie cardigan. I just have one Tippi cardigan but I already wear it 1023482938473 times more than any of my Jackie’s. They are full sleeves. That’s the biggest difference. Have you seen them? They are just wonderful!!!!

  3. Oh, I am a scarf addict. I probably have 30 or 40 — and I rarely leave home without one at this time of year! I have lightweight ones for spring, heavy ones for fall and winter, colorful ones for when I just want to wear all black but don’t want to look like I’m headed to a funeral . . . they really are great! And I love all your ideas for wearing them — especially the bow. Why didn’t I think of that?!

    • Another scarf kindred spirit! I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but I sure love finding new ways to wear them! You’re right – they completely make an otherwise boring outfit, interesting! Even all black πŸ™‚ Happy Monday Meg!

  4. The scarf is hands down my favorite accessory. I wore them all the time in Colorado… and am sad to find the weather in Florida a little hot for scarves, but I wear them and sweat anyways. Ha!

    I like your scarf tied in a bow! I’ve never worn mine like that. I may have to give that a shot sometime. πŸ™‚

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