It’s the Holiday Season… (our December in review)

Why hello! After a solid week of merry-making, we are finally coming up for air, and attempting to get back into an everyday-life sort of routine (wish us luck)!

In case you didn’t know, my husband and I are celebrators. We love any old excuse for a party, a day off, a vacation, getting together with friends… We celebrate seemingly arbitrary things like St. Patty’s Day, movie releases, the first day of fall, you get the picture.~

So as you might imagine, in our world, December is one big month of celebration! We kick things off with my birthday, and don’t stop until after the New Year has been rung in. We clear our calender of everything we can that is not holiday related, and carefully choose the festivities in which to partake. Christmastime can easily become overwhelmingly exhausting, or at best, a blur, so we are mindful of keeping things low key, being willing to say “no” when we need to, and scheduling plenty of at-home nights to reconnect, relax, watch Christmas movies, and drink eggnog. We try to have all of our shopping done before December even begins. Doesn’t always happen, but that’s our goal. To ease the potential financial burden of the month, we stock the freezer with healthful food throughout the fall, and stick to Christmas concerts and events that are free.

This year, our December included so many wonderful things! I wasn’t great about taking photos (too busy having fun!), and even those I did take aren’t much to write home about (because I’m still getting used to my new camera), but nevertheless, here is a pictorial glimpse into our holiday season.

This December We:

Drank some holiday tea at a proper English Tearoom


Celebrated Hanukkah with friends who are Jewish-Christians


Chopped down our Christmas tree


Enjoyed the Grand Christmas Buffet Brunch at the Hotel Roanoke (such a fun tradition!)


Started my family Christmas celebration at White Oak


Made gingerbread men






And laughed some more

Sat still in the glow of twinkle lights and reflected on the true meaning of Christmas

IMG_50921Ate cute ‘lil reindeer


Were full of wonder


Opened stockings


Read stories


Spent Christmas at a gorgeous old hotel


And so, so many other things that I didn’t take photos of: Handel’s Messiah, a wonderful College Choir’s Christmas concert in a beautiful cathedral, a Christmas scavenger hunt at the mall, St. Lucia Festival, secret-santa-ing, holiday dinners and coffee dates with friends…it was a beautiful season that we soaked up every drop of peace and joy we could in. Until next year December…until next year…


I hope your Christmas season was merry and bright!


10 thoughts on “It’s the Holiday Season… (our December in review)

    • Awww…well there’s always next year :-)! Once M is done with school (somehow studying for finals rather puts a damper on December, eh?!), I’m sure you’ll both be more into enjoying the season fully!

  1. Such beautiful moments that you captured. Love how you soaked up every magical & spiritual minute. It’s lovely that you participated and respected other religions during this season too. I really do love this season! Love the way that you captured it.

    • Thanks girl! How I WISH I had the hang of it! So, so, SO many pic didn’t come out as I would’ve liked. You know, it’s funny… once I fully have Manual Mode mastered, I think I’ll be fine with going back to P and even (gasp!) Auto for unusual situations where I simply don’t have time to perfectly adjust everything. Right now, I’m just too slow, and then poof! the moment is gone. 😦 I still want to have a skype date to hear all about what you learned in your class.- Can we make that happen before you go back to school?

  2. Wow! You did so much over the holidays. I just love how kids have that childlike wonder. It’s a shame we lose that as adults. Looks like you made it out to our favorite tea tavern again. I keep trying to convince my husband to go with me at least once. I think I may have almost talked him into it. 😉

    • Yes ma’am we did! Awww…I know C will love it once you just get him there! How can anyone NOT be won over by that chicken salad ;-)?! Well, us girls will have to plan another blate there sometime this month – it’s such a cozy place to visit in the winter (who am I kidding…I come up with an excuse to visit every season! Ha!). But seriously, you HAVE to try their wassail. It’s made with tea, and just oh-so-delicious! Great. Now I’m totally craving it….

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