Home Tour – Master Bedroom

We’re at the next stop on the Home Tour today folks! It’s time to visit our Master Bedroom. One of the few rooms in the house that I had a very clear ending vision for when we started the renovation process, it was also one of the last rooms that we tackled! The main doozy here was the ceiling. When our home was “set”, the people who came in and touched up things that were damaged in the moving process (our home is a modular home) did a pretty rotten job on our bedroom ceiling. The one room in the whole house where we actually spend time staring at the ceiling everyday. Figures! Anyway, we have always wanted this ceiling re-done, but have never worked up the unction to do it. Once the room was already a disaster via other renos, it was a little easier to want to tackle it though! It took my sweet, patient husband 4 solid days of spraying, and scraping, and spackling, and mudding… Talk about a crick in your neck… But the end result was sooooo worth it. I love our old world style plaster ceiling!

But onto some photographs that are infinitely more interesting than a ceiling:

The inspiration for this room? The color (a warm gray) with glossy white dentil crown molding, English hunt theme, large iron lantern/chandelier, patterned carpet, mix of black and antique wood furniture, and (still a dream) worn, tufted leather settee idea for the foot of the bed, all came from Keswick Hall. Shocking, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


One of the practical projects some friends helped us with, was cutting open our walk-in closet to make it more of an alcove. It used to have a small hinged door that was difficult to get through with, say, a basket load of laundry, or boxes from the attic (our attic access is IN the closet). It is so wonderfully convenient now!

You can read more about our mantel bed HERE and HERE, if you so desire. These pictures were taken when my fall decor was still up, now the bed has a cozy nubbly gray plaid throw on the end of the bed in place of the paisley- with matching pillows of course, and cranberry euro shams for Christmas.

A snoozing kitty cat bumps up the coze factor, no?:


This is the dresser directly across from the bed:


Oh, and I have to give some props to the wonders of MOLDING! This room gained some serious substance, age, and classic-ness (just made that word up) simply by adding some real-deal molding to the space. Crown, chair, and window topper were all new. And we upgraded (in size) the door and baseboard moldings. What a difference that made! Here’s a little molding montage for you:


And we can’t forget our flooring – I knew I wanted gray patterned carpet with a super squishy carpet pad – we found this one as a remnant, and had it bound ourselves (that is totally the cost-effective way to go people!). The “wood” is actually laminate from Sams Club. Who’da thunk, right?! Didn’t even know Sams Club sold flooring. But I saw it in someones whole house once, and just fell in love! You can’t beat the price, quality (padding is attached-score!), and hand scraped look. Never thought I’d like such a reddish wood, but I think it warms up the gray rug and walls even more.:

This is the view into our Master Bath (which you toured HERE):

And the view to the deck right off our room via double glass doors:


ย Welp, that’s all for today! Thanks so much for joining me :-).

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11 thoughts on “Home Tour – Master Bedroom

  1. Snoozy kitten needs some cuddles. That’s what I see! I also see Keswick all over this room! It’s gorgeous! Our bedroom is more, well, a good place to dump clothes on the floor and curl into bed. Haha! We neglect our bedroom a lot because we’re usually so busy we don’t spend much time in it. We don’t even ever watch the tv in it. My dream is to have a bedroom like this. A place I would just go to after work because it’s so pretty and relaxing. Ahhhh. I love it!

    • Hahaha! Thanks girl! Yup. Totally Keswick inspired. You’re right, bedrooms are typically neglected in the decorating and cleaning department, and that’s why I wanted to make an extra effort! Now that it’s all spiffed up, and a room that we love spending time in, I’m not nearly as likely to let it become a pigsty! Win, win! Hope you guys are doing well…send me an update when you get a sec…

    • Darby, you are so kind! Thank you! It is certainly a place that we love to be now :-). Can’t wait to see what you do with your new place! Ahhhh…the excitement of a blank canvas!

  2. Love the gray colour you’ve chosen…very calming. I’m so indecisive with a colour for our master bedroom and after making a mistake on it initially, I’m so hesitant to make another decision. So odd that it’s the one room in the house we can’t get right. Thanks for the inspiration! The mantle bed is just stunning! Love that too!

    • I know what you mean about color Ella-Lauren…this room has been faux finished, green, brown, and two different shades of blue. But NOW (finally!), we actually love it. Who would’ve ever thought gray could be so soothing?? Don’t give up, you’ll get there :-). And thanks so much for you sweet comments about our mantel bed!

  3. Love!! I could seriously just move into your house and be perfectly content, I love the colors you chose and your attention to detail– even your cat matches the decor :).

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