Holiday Guide – Preparing for Guests

Can you believe we’ve arrived at the first full week of December?! Bring it on holidays – I’m ready for ya :-)! Today we’re talking some ideas for graciously appointing your guest room for the overnight company you’ll be hosting throughout the season! As in all things, don’t think you have to limit these ideas to “company” though. Why not add a few of these thoughtful touches to all the bedrooms in your house? Make your family feel special. They’ll love it!

First up: how about a pitcher of water and drinking glass (or make it even easier with water bottles). I know I’m always thirsty right before bed, and as soon as I wake up!

IMG_4374I also love the touch that fresh flowers add to any bedside table. For this time of the year, I favor festive pine clippings. Or, as seen in the photo below, rosemary with a single pine cone. – Also make sure you have an easy-to-set alarm clock ready for them to use if necessary:

A luggage rack and full length mirror are always appreciated:

Oh! and don’t forget some light reading material.~ If you want to add an incredibly personal touch, have a candy dish filled with their favorite candy.

Little details go a long way…a fan in case they get hot (and an extra blanket on the end of the bed in case they get cold!), a writing pad with pen/pencil, easy-to-access hooks for their clothes…

And one of my favorite tips of all? A little “survival” basket with tissues, lotion, and an assortment of small snacks. Maybe something sweet, something salty, and something fresh? Most people won’t feel comfortable scrounging around in the kitchen or even asking you for something to eat when the munchies hit. This way they can tide themselves over easily until the next meal!

Last but not least: a few little, perhaps even frivolous touches that most guest will really thank you for. The first is having an assortment of pillows. I like to have one pair of down pillows, and one pair of poly-fill pillows on the bed. That way they can comfortably sleep on whatever they are used to at home.

And the last little touch is an electric tart warmer. This allows guests to rid their room of unpleasant smells, or enjoy some seasonal ambiance without the worry of matches, candles, or open flames being left unattended.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you’re inspired to prepare for company this holiday season!

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So now it’s your turn: What are some special touches you like to include for your guests?



26 thoughts on “Holiday Guide – Preparing for Guests

  1. You are such a wonderful hostess, Kristin. This is lovely. To be honest, I haven’t “hosted” anyone at my place since one of my girlfriends stayed at my loft in NYC… that I shared with three other people. We shared my bed. Needless to say, I did not have the luxury of a guest room to offer her. Luckily, she loves me, and she didn’t hold it against me. 😉

  2. Wonderful ideas! The idea of a snack basket with goodies is a great one. Even when I’m told to “help myself,” I feel awkward going through friends’ cabinets — and don’t always remember to pack my own granola bars and candy for a low blood sugar attack. Need to be better about that!

    • I know Meg. I never feel completely comfortable helping myself either. So nice to have something handy ready in your room (or purse – that’s a good idea to bring your own!), huh? So glad you enjoyed the ideas!

  3. Oh, Kristin. You put our guest room to shame! I love your ideas, too. We aren’t quite ready for a proper guest room (silly, considering we have 3 bedrooms for 2 people) but it’s because we have a lot of hand-me-down furniture and stuff for our future kids and we don’t plan to stay in our place for long. So we’re hoping to move into a 4 br at some point and be able to appoint that 4th room solely for guests. And goodness, I’ll be heading right back to your post today to get some ideas!

    There is just something about a luggage rack. It makes me so happy. And the goodies in a basket are genius! My mom does that when we visit. It’s such a great idea!

    • I know what you mean about hand me down furniture, and having a hard time catching a vision for a place when you know you’re just passing through! Hopefully you’ll find that house in the country soon (maybe a little closer to Rnk. hint, hint), and if you need somebody to come test drive your guest room, just let us know ;-)!

      • Please come test drive our guest room! Let us know when works for you! I’d love to show you around Annapolis! And we can do Baltimore and DC, too if you’d like because we’re only 20 minutes from both of them! It will be so much fun.

        And I forgot to mention that our guest room comes complete with cuddly kittens. 😉

  4. This put a big smile on my face… I so enjoyed all of those touches during my stay. 🙂 And I’m happy to report, I have most of those in our guest room, too! Down and regular pillows, a hook on the wall and lots of space in the closet, a chair, a mirror (it’s not full length though… I need to get on that!). The rest I need to add in next time we have a guest! Learning from the best….

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Our guest room is far from perfect, but I do hope it is at least comfortable. Sounds like your guest room is a wonderful home away from home for your company!

    • Awwww…you are so sweet Whitney! Anybody can be a great hostess m’dear! Just think of how you would like to be treated while staying at a friend’s home, and then make that thought a reality for your guests! They’ll love you for it :-).

  5. Oh friend, these are beautiful touches. Your home is so warm and inviting. We have been working on our guest room to make it a little more inviting – these are great ideas!

    • Thank you Rach dear. You are so kind. Nothing makes my heart smile more than people thinking that my home seems inviting. That is the goal of all my home-keeping efforts! I’m sure your guest room is a cozy and wonderful place to visit :-)!

  6. Great ideas. Love the rosemary and pine cone. And the luggage rack. Where do they sell those…or did you make yours? And the twig pencil is a favorite (I have a few myself). We always do the water and snacks thing too. Happy hostessing!

    • Hi Darcy! Thank you so much. I know, don’t you just adore twig pencils??? I love ’em. The luggage rack…hmmmm…I’ve had it quite a long time. Didn’t buy it new, so I probably got it at either a thrift store or an antique shop. That’s no help, I know! Hope you can find one – they’re so handy!

  7. Kristin! You are the hostess with the mostess! I love the water idea, and reading idea, and, well, all those little touches you added. Not to mention I love your decorating style 🙂 I don’t have a guest room in my apartment, so usually I am kind to inflate their mattress and hand them a nice pile of sheets and towles. Going forward, I might start putting a little water bottle on top of that pile 🙂

  8. Can I come stay at your house? 🙂

    Seriously, this is awesome. This guest room must be like staying at a bed-and-breakfast! (I’m a huge fan of those. We almost never stay in hotels anymore, unless we’re on a cross-country road trip.)

    • We are huge B&B people too! So welcoming and cozy, aren’t they? I have to say, that’s a lot of where my inspiration has come from… Oh, and you are most welcome to come stay with us anytime you’d like to visit the east coast! Our home is always open to fellow bloggers passing through! Maybe we should call it the “Blogger B&B”? Hmmm…has a ring to it 🙂

  9. Beautiful, Kristin! Gave me lots of great ideas 🙂 I especially love the favorite candy. That certainly would make a guest feel welcome.

  10. Beautiful ideas Kristin! I’ll have to get working on my spare-room for when any of my out-of-country relatives are able to visit. And for times I don’t have visitors, it will still be a perfect calming place for “me-time” (curl up with a good book or even just sitting in a chair by the window to enjoy the view)!

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