Friday’s Foto Felicity


Our Newest Addition

Those of you who have been to our home within the last several months, have seen a large slab of wood propped up against the wall right as you came in the house. It has been a project in progress since the beginning of the summer – and it has just recently “found its legs” (pun intended).

But allow me to start back at the beginning of the story…during this remodel, we knew that we wanted to have a strong, juxtaposed marriage between the natural/rustic and the classic/elegant. Our dining room had a very strong classic/elegant bent developing, and we knew we needed to bring in a much more earthy element to blend it with the rest of the house. Hence our plans for a brick floor, and this brainchild piece:

My husband cuts down trees, and one day he (sadly) cut down one of the oldest white birch trees in our area because it had died – they typically don’t fare very well this far south. I should add that we both have a special affinity for birch trees, and so with the first cut, he immediately began thinking of what we might be able to do with the wood. – We settled on an entryway table, and sent a good portion of the tree off to a fellow arborist’s saw mill. He cut it, and heat treated it for us, and then the great debate about what kind of legs we wanted for this beauty, began.

We went back and forth, and back and forth (for. months.).- And then one day the same guy who owns the saw mill said he had found the perfect thing! And by golly – he had!

Meet our new entryway table:

Home Tour – Master Bath

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a stop on our home tour, hasn’t it? Well, today I’m here to share our Master Bath with you! First though, let’s have some “before” photos, shall we? This is what it looked like a little over a year ago (warning: dark, small, flash pics coming up):

Chocolate brown, cozy, carpeted, and eclectic.- And before this, it was “damask striped” in cream with a very vintage/elegant feel. This little room has worn many hats!

But now…a year, two floors, and several paint coats later…we have….



And lastly, when we were still deciding what we wanted to do with the construction grade mirrors, we went to visit Keswick Hall, and noticed that they framed their bathroom mirrors out with picture molding – and instead of vanities, they had nice convenient little shelves built right into the mirror framing. Brilliant! And we are nothing if not copycats ;-)! Here was the original at Keswick (look hard…it’s kinda dark!):

And here is our look-alike:

Well, thanks for joining me on the tour today! I’ll be back again soon with yet another room…

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Holiday Guide – A Fail-Proof Recipe

You’ll be seeing these little Holiday Guide posts pop up here on Vignettes from time to time to help inspire you with tips and ideas to simplify, organize, and get the most out of your holiday season. I hope you enjoy them!

Today, I have a wonderfully simple recipe idea to share with you. Even those of us who love to be in the kitchen, need a few in-a-pinch standbys, the ingredients for which we always have on hand, and that can always be counted upon to come through for us in a delicious way. – Bonus? This recipe also freezes well, so you could make up several cakes in an afternoon to grab and go when the need arises. –

We will all be invited to potluck parties and need something crowd-friendly to bring this season. Or perhaps someone is hosting you for dinner… Why not offer to bring this cake as dessert? Perfect as a hostess gift, or even something to take to your neighbors…you’ll find endless opportunities to make this moist, lowfat, flavorful, delight! Without further ado:

Apple Spice Cake

1 box of spice cake mix
1 small box of butterscotch pudding mix
Egg whites
2 apples peeled, cored, and thinly sliced

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. Just buy a box of spice cake mix from the store and empty it into a large mixing bowl. Follow the measurements on the back of the box, except substitute (1:1 ratio):

Egg whites for the whole eggs
Applesauce for the oil

Add water as directed, and the box of butterscotch pudding mix. Beat the batter according to directions. Once the mixture is fully beaten, gently fold in the apple slices. Pour mixture into a well greased bunt pan and bake according to the time listed on the box. Cool 15 minutes in the pan on a wire rack, and then gently release.

To freeze: wait until the cake is fully cooled, wrap in a double layer of saran wrap, and place inside an airtight gallon freezer bag.

This cake can be served unfrosted (it is very moist), dusted with confectioners sugar, drizzled with glaze, or draped with a thin cream cheese frosting.

Do you have a favorite go-to holiday recipe? Feel free to leave links in the comments below!



Faithful Readers,

Things will be quiet around here for the remainder of the week (perhaps longer? We’ll see how life goes…) in order for me to take time to rest, recover, and do battle with some pretty serious demons I’ve been fighting.

I hope your week is pleasant, and that your holiday is full of good things. If you think of me, would you say a little prayer for health, both mental and physical, and at the risk of being too vulnerable, that God would bring love and true, deep friendships my way during this season? Often those are the lights that carry you to the end of your tunnel. Thank you dear souls. I know you care.