Some Things To Remember Along The Way

Nobody’s life is all roses. Everyone is fighting in their own kind of battle. So give people a break.

A true lady is kind and gracious both to your face, and most importantly, behind your back.

A simple warm smile can brighten up the darkest of days.

You can’t expect everyone to think like you do. Your passions are not their passions… and that’s ok.

Imagine what it would be like to have the “ideal friend”…then make it your mission to be that friend.

Maturity is found in peaceably disagreeing with someone, and yet still respecting them.

Each day is filled with gems…but you only uncover them when you set out purposefully to treasure hunt.

Be slow to speak and quick to listen (empty kettles make the most noise).

There won’t be room for flowers to grow in your life, unless you pull up all the weeds.

Be stingy with criticism and lavish with praise.

Gratitude is the fertilizer of joy.


32 thoughts on “Some Things To Remember Along The Way

  1. These are all great, although being stingy with criticism and lavish with praise is really a great one. I’ve been making more of a concentrated effort to thanks others lately — coworkers, friends, family — and express my feelings a little more. I’m very grateful for the people in my life, but rarely do I tell them they’re doing a great job, etc. Don’t like that about myself! Thanks for the reminder!

    • You’re right Meg – we might think it, but it certainly takes concentrated effort to remember to speak those thoughts of gratitude and praise – but how it feed people and makes them glow! Worth the effort for sure 🙂

  2. thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment! it is so nice to e-meet you too. you have such an encouraging blog, and i totally sense your love for the Lord, even through this post. looking forward to reading more, and thank you so much for the reminder to be thankful in all circumstances (1 Thess 5:18). 🙂

    • Helen, thank you for your kind words! You are such a sweetheart. I’m thankful to hear from someone who is brand new to my blog, that you can sense the love of God here. Makes my heart so happy! I hope your evening is a good one – and thank you so much for stopping by.~

    • Everyday is a gift – you are so right… I’m so glad you were encouraged by your visit here today Stephanie! So glad you stopped by and said hello 🙂

  3. This needs to be made into one of those inspirational wall hangings. I love every one of them. I think I need to visit this post every morning when I wake up. I especially love the “Maturity is found in peaceably disagreeing with someone, and yet still respecting them.” I think quite a few people have forgotten this in light of this recent election…. I wish that everyone would think harder about that statement. Nobody wants to come across as immature, right??? Hm. I may have to use that quote on a certain social media platform… 🙂

    I’ll be back in the morning to read these again. Thanks, Kristin!

    • Oh Tina, you’re so sweet! I’m glad you were inspired… You’re right about that maturity quote being rather apropos for this political season. 🙂

  4. I have been thinking about joy lately….It seems like the more I try to be filled with joy, the more not filled with joy I am. I can’t make joy. I think you’re right on with the gratitude bit! I can make gratitude. And when I am filled with gratitude then I am filled with joy too!

    God truly has given us so much to be grateful for. I have no excuses….None!

    • You’re right…so, so much to be grateful for! I’m so glad that you were encouraged and inspired. Joy is definitely within our grasp – if only we reach out for it!

    • Thank you Laura. You’re right – they all kind of just boil down to treating others as you want to be treated, don’t they? So simple -yet profound (and difficult to remember)! Happy Friday to you!

  5. My aunt has a little poem glued to the bathroom mirror to read every morning while brushing her teeth. These words are definitely something to re-read every morning to keep reminding ourselves.
    And I also love the photo!

    • Oh that’s such a good idea to place something on your bathroom mirror that you want to read everyday! I love that idea – thanks for sharing it 🙂

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