Monday Miscellany

Wow, it has been ages since I’ve participated in Miscellany Monday hosted by the ever-sweet Carissa, hasn’t it? Well today’s your lucky day:

miscellany monday at lowercase lettersOne.

Such a fun weekend we had! It was full of classical music, a concert, sleeping late, pumpkin granola, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin pie smoothies (recipe to come!), a bonfire, a blate, a chili dinner for the whole fam, some photography, a church celebration, Merlin, card-making, maple nut fudge, and a nap. – Yep. Tie it with a bow, it was a good one! 😉


So I’ve just got to say it. It has become the proverbial pink elephant in the room, and I can’t ignore it any longer! Some of you know that I recently joined the world of DSLRing. My old camera was a sometimes-wonderful piece of dying junk. But at least I had learned to master it quite well over our many years together. Now. Now! It seems I don’t even know how to take a decent picture anymore! I was just getting used to the kit lens a bit, when I went and bought another new lens, so now I’m right back at square one. Bear with me as my pictures look like a 5 year old took them for awhile folks. I’m sorry. I shall improve! But you all will just have to hang in there with the grainy/fuzzy photos as I learn… many apologies for the dip in picture quality around here in the meantime.


IT’S OCTOBER!!!!! Oh most glorious of months! I truly live for you.


As I’ve been thinking about the evolution of this blog, I’ve realized that I don’t post much about a huge love of mine: entertaining! So be prepared… I’m brainstorming some fun fall party staging ideas, hostess tips, menu ideas, etc. to share over the coming months (you know, once I master my camera!). ~


In other news, my shop should be re-open for business this week. After a short hiatus, brand change, restock, and getting a few new designs ready for release, you’ll be able to shop at Vignettes Paperie again SOON!


We have been getting quite impatient to start (and finish) our last major renovation project: re-flooring our dining room/kitchen area. Our first choice is brick, but we have yet to find something that we loooove that is durable and affordable. Our second choice is old-world Mediterranean style (but no terra cotta) brick or tile, but what we love (you know, 800 year old imported-from-France salvage) isn’t within our price range. So I’m turning to you, dear educated readers, do you have any suggestions for us? Send links, numbers, pictures, referrals, anything our way! We’d be ever so grateful.


You may have noticed a few design changes around here (or a complete makeover…), and although I did everything around here myself, the look was inspired (with permission) by the beautiful design work of Jordan from Create Like Crazy. If you’re in the market, go check her out! – I hope you’re enjoying the new face of Vignettes!

Ok, enough miscellany for one Monday.

Happy October to you all…


8 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

    • Thanks Linds! Aw, I’m sure you’ve got some of your mama’s genes too! Maybe just tucked away waiting to be discovered :-). I hope your Monday was a good one friend!

  1. Jumping up to be a DSLR can be a little daunting — I can definitely appreciate that! I got my Canon Rebel T1i two years ago this month and I’m still learning so much . . . seemingly about the basics. Just be patient with yourself, don’t be afraid to switch to “auto” mode every now and then! Sshh — we won’t tell. And you’re going to be great. 🙂

    • Meg. Thank you so much for this “go easy on yourself” comment. I’m not very good about that, and sure needed this reminder! You made me smile, and I am grateful :-).

  2. Haha. I just re-read this and thought, wow, we are on the same page. Would you think it lame if I told you I just spent my Friday night sitting on the couch with my cats, using them as subjects for tinkering with my new DSLR? I feel like for every great picture, I have 4 blurry/ overexposed/ underexposed rejects. And then, the lighting changes! This is horrible!

    Hopefully Sheila will help!

    • Oh I totally understand Tina. Right there with ya. But pets make a willing and ready subject, don’t they? 🙂 I’m excited to see what Sheila has to share, and my best friend is coming for a visit this week (who happened to be a professional photog too) so I’m really looking forward to her help as well.

      The best advice I’ve heard from everyone so far though, is just “shoot, shoot, shoot” and it will eventually come! Hope they’re right 😉

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