Go West! Part 1

Go West, young man, and grow up with the Country
—–John Babsone Soule

As Chester alluded to yesterday, we did indeed pack ’em up, and head ’em out a couple of weeks ago. Our destination?

The Pacific North West!

Washington State and British Columbia to be exact. The land filled with wide open spaces…crisp glacial waterfalls…thick stands of pine trees…bluest mountain lakes…soft majestic bluffs…scrubby brown desert…it was a trip brimming with natural beauty!

The first half of our time was spent on Lark Meadows Farm with our extended family. Here is a small peek at our time together:

We hiked around the property, picked dinner fresh from the garden, listened to coyotes howl through the night, watched shooting stars, played corn hole, sang around the campfire, pet the goats, milked the sheep, and spent time catching up with family.


10 thoughts on “Go West! Part 1

  1. These pictures are gorgeous!! I love all of the animals, and that fresh dinner looks ahhhmazing! I want it right now, ha!

    Hope you have a great Tuesday 🙂

    • Thanks Amy! I have to say, it WAS amazing to be able to harvest so much of our dinner only moments before cooking it! So delish :-). Hope your day has been wonderful so far – thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Emily! Watching shooting stars IS relaxing – and there were soooo many of them out there! It was great! Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday thus far!

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