Letters to Cooper

(Sometimes, dogs are pen pals too)

Dear Cooper,

How’s life down there in hot-t-t Texas? You getting lots of good naps in and bamboozling large amounts of treats out of your Ma these days? Hope so!

Thought I’d write and tell you about our little adventure last week while Ma and Pa were busy gallivanting across the country without us

At first, when Chairel (that’s what I call my sister Caroline) and me ever get a sense that a trip is eminent – you know suitcases appear out of nowhere, Ma makes up the guest room bed, and we get a bath – we put “Operation Don’t Let The Humans Leave Without Us” into effect. We hide in the suitcases when they’re not looking, or if they’re zipped, perch on top with our sappy puppy dog faces on. We become extra especially snuggly, and try to be on our super bestest behavior. – It rarely works, BUT our consolation prize for being left behind is always fabulous: Aunt Amy comes to visit!!!!!!!

Aunt Amy’s the best~ She lets us do all kinds of fun things that Ma never does (although she DID make us take a bath this time – which we’re not discussing). But if we’re really good, she’ll take us back to her house to visit our pupcuz Monte (Aunt A’s furbaby)!

Monte’s my very best friend. Usually Chairel tries to steal all his attention, but this visit, all Chair did was follow Aunt A around and be an obnoxious all-around boot licker, so Monte and I got to hang out together more. It was just like old times.

OH! And, you’ll like this: Monte got some ticks while we were there, and guess what happened? HE HAD TO GET SHAVED! Bahahahahaha! He looks so funny, and Aunt A left a mohawk down his back, so he looks kind of like a hyena! I might have made fun of him a little bit…couldn’t help it…

One last note of interest before I go: I got my nails trimmed this week. ALL of them at once. I’m sure you understand just what a gut-wrenching, traumatic, almost-peed-myself, saw-my-life-pass-before-me kind of experience THAT was! – But I got a blueberry treat when it was all over – and all is well that ends well (and by well, I mean with treats). Agreed?

Hear your sis has gone on Prozac, huh? You’ll have to let me know how that all pans out…I’ve been telling Ma that Chairel needs some *ahem* “help” with her excessive crazies. Nuttier than a fruitcake that one.

Welp, that’s all for now. Talk to ya later Coop!

Your furiend,

Pee S: I just stole a raspberry from Ma’s fruit salad when she wasn’t looking, and booooooy was it good! Ever tried one before?? This was my first 🙂


12 thoughts on “Letters to Cooper

    • Haha! Thanks Britt! 🙂 Oh yes, I know quite a few dogs (including my Caroline) who would be much better off with a little dose! And company would probably like them a whole lot better too :-D!

  1. Oh my word, this is beyond cute. My cats are pretty good at “don’t let the humans leave” This was such a lively post, really put a smile on my face.

    • They just KNOW when we’re getting ready to leave, don’t they?! Sixth sense I guess… Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words – glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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