The Blogger Bubble Necklace – A Fashion Post

Today I have a fun weekend post for you from my very own sister Emily, who is an avid fan of the “Blogger Bubble Necklace”. She’s here to share a few of her styling tips with all of you (because I know you already own at least one!). πŸ˜‰

Hello to one and all! I’m very excited for my premier appearance here at Vignettes. In case you noticed a resemblance, yes, Kristin (better known by me as Krischin) and I are indeed sisters. She asked if I would take a few moments to write about my current fashion obsession (and blogworld darling), J.Crew’s Bubble Necklace. My job involves training Personal Stylists in wardrobing their clients- and I’m always happy to share the fashion tips and tricks that I learn on the job! Read on for my tips on incorporating this piece into your everyday wardrobe.

Statement necklaces are perfect for dressing up a more casual outfit. I love mine paired with a simple chambray shirt and white denim. When going for this high-low effect, I try mirroring the elevated style of the necklace in my shoe choice. I’ve paired this look withΒ  patent heels to make it really look intentional. By matching a basic denim (go with a skinny leg or dark wash to avoid being too casual) and tee with a heel and statement necklace- you can instantly take your look from weekend to night-out.

Of course, the Bubble Necklace also pairs perfectly with more dressed up styles. Key idea is to keep it simple. The safest bet is to pair statement necklaces with solids. If you go with a print, remember to keep the silhouette simple so that the necklace can still shine. To make sure my necklace is the focus, I love pairing it with an up-do and avoiding earrings and other jewelry.

So if you haven’t already, go out there and an invest in a fabulous statement necklace (even if it isn’t the Bubble), you’ll be glad you did!

14 thoughts on “The Blogger Bubble Necklace – A Fashion Post

  1. Are you kidding me? “Training Personal Stylists in wardrobing their clients”? I knew I picked the wrong career. Seriously… I want a bubble necklace right now. ASAP. Like in my hand now.

    • You mean you don’t already own one?! I thought *I* was the only one on the planet who didn’t own a BBNecklace. Ha! If my sister is any indication, she has a few different colors, and gets TONS of mileage out of them – so a very practical investment!

    • Definitely a great investment! I have to be intentional about not wearing it every day- so versatile (just in case you weren’t convinced) πŸ™‚

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