A Special Friday’s Foto Felicity!

Ability to Simplify from StudioJRU

The above print is brought to you by the very talented Jennifer from Studio JRU. She is offering it as a free download to help inspire us all in our journey toward simplifying our lives. Click on the image for a pdf file that you can then print and frame as a daily reminder! – I hope you’ll go check out the rest of her work HERE.

Thanks so much for the beautiful print Jennifer!



2 thoughts on “A Special Friday’s Foto Felicity!

  1. Great quote! 🙂 I’ve always believed in less is more and simplifying. It’s funny, many often feel they don’t have enough. I’m at the place now where I feel as though I have too much. I want to live in such a way that I keep only the necessary and where I may have a few versions of something ie: clothing, dishes, etc., I want to only keep the best quality and that which I adore. The rest is just taking up space. Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to seeing the rest of Jennifer’s work!

    • Karla…so well said. I too, and in a place in life where I feel the tug to pare down. Only keep what I love. Use EVERYTHING, not just dust, save, or store it! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello Friday – I hope your weekend has been fabulous!

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