A Happy Little Lantern

And so, our home remodeling journey plods on. We’re mostly working on little projects now. Huge projects are done. Still a few big projects left to tackle (closet alcove makeover, stone archway, wooden beam entryway, and flooring in bedroom/bath and entry rooms) – but we’re not thinking about those today…we’re focusing on the fun little details!

I found this little abandoned former-porch-lantern at our Habitat ReStore (a remodelers best friend) for $8. This is what the poor thing looked like when I found it:

Ugh. Antique brass, inch of dust, cobwebs, some rust, ceiling paint, and very cloudy bubble glass. But Ooooohhhhh that vintage bubble glass! It had me at hello πŸ™‚

If you’ve been following our remodeling progress, I’ll bet you have a good idea of what I did to this little number… Anybody? If you guessed that I hit it with some ORB…you’re right!!!!!

Ta-da! New lease on life, baby! Scrubbed up that beautiful glass, and hung ‘er proud in our little alcove with an old-fashioned Edison light bulb inside. Here she is installed in her new home (sorry for the poor photo quality, it was the best I could do):

On the homestretch of this remodeling train, I sure do love a good project that can be completed in a day! If you want to browse around at more of our home renovation progress, click HERE.

So what about you? Any home projects on the docket?


5 thoughts on “A Happy Little Lantern

  1. $8? I’m super jealous I didn’t find it first =P
    It is so pretty, love what you did with it girl!
    We are still in the “moving phase” but I am about to fix up an old hutch and paint it with annie sloan chalk paint. I am even tossing up the idea of removing the glass and replacing it with the circle chicken wire. Cannot wait to start it as soon as we get more settled.
    Excited to watch these renovations!!

    • I know, wasn’t $8 a steal?! I love the idea you have for your hutch! Chalk paint makes me swoon :-). So fun to be settling into a new place and making lots of fun changes that make it yours, isn’t it?! Look forward to seeing YOUR projects too!

  2. Oh my word!!! That turned out adorable πŸ™‚ I am a huge fan of the green/blue tinted glass. It’s seems to be a rare find. And the finish product looks fabulous…almost like a brand new light πŸ™‚ Love.

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