Easy Summer Take-Along Dessert

Somebody invites you over for a lovely summer alfresco dinner or a cookout – you ask what you can bring – they say dessert.

Then you panic. What is easy to transport, won’t melt in the heat/sun, and is fresh, seasonal, light, and crowd pleasing?

Answer: a cake with macerated berries and whipped cream!

You just can’t go wrong. Make a simple cake from scratch (the cake above is vanilla lemon/lime), or even buy a boxed mix or pre-made cake at the store. Wash/stem/cut up any combination of berries you please – leaving them out at room temperature during the day to accumulate some juice. If you want to accentuate their natural sweetness, toss in a little sugar or honey. When it’s time to go, pre-cut your cake, grab your berry bowl, and throw a spray can of whipped cream into a chilled wine cooler or insulated lunch bag as you head out the door.- Couldn’t be easier – or more delicious!

Do you have a favorite take-along summer dessert?



5 thoughts on “Easy Summer Take-Along Dessert

  1. Oooh what a great idea for an easy summer dessert! I’m taking homemade ice cream to my besties’ tonight and I’m going to have to make it there because otherwise it would definitely melt on the way, haha!

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