Some Days I Sit Around, Sip Tea, and Wonder…

…How two people could possibly accumulate sooooo much junk! (I’m in the middle of an office purge right now…say a little prayer for me…)

…If dogs really CAN talk, but choose not to. Sometimes I think I see words forming in Chester’s eyes…

…Why people don’t have common decency manners on Facebook or Twitter: i.e Jane and Suzy talk about going out to lunch and how much fun they had together, when I am friends with Jane and Suzy too, and now have hurt feelings because they didn’t ask me to go out with them! Not classy girls, not classy.

…How come I get my knickers in a knot when I go over the target price at the gas station by a penny or two – when every other purchase of the day was a not-even-close-to-being-even kind of number ($28.63, $15.81, $7.18, etc.), and I have no problem with those.

…If I’m the only one who saves all those extra buttons that come with new articles of clothing – and can never remember using a single one!?

…Why in the world we fell off the remodeling bandwagon months ago and left so many loose ends undone. (We’ve jumped back on now, btw. never fear!)

…Exactly what possessed me to cut bangs for the summertime? Summer = humidity = frizzy haystack tacked onto the front of my head = not attractive.

…How come some people won’t give Harry Potter a chance when they adore Lord of the Rings and Narnia. All three contain alternate worlds, magic, good and evil, witches, wizards, and fantastical adventures.

…Why God created ticks?

Got any answers for me?!! What do you sit around and wonder?



8 thoughts on “Some Days I Sit Around, Sip Tea, and Wonder…

  1. thank you for your sweet comment!!! where in virginia do you live? my parents went to (and met at) BrIdgewater College in Harrisonburg and my best friend from high school went to Virginia Tech. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Hi Meg! What a small world! I live in the same region as both Bridgewater and Tech – both an hour or so away. Lovely part of the state… So glad you stopped by and said “hello”! I hope your evening is a wonderful one.~

  2. …why fitted bed sheets are IMPOSSIBLE to fold and put away.

    …why i have to shed like a dog. short hair=too much work styling. long hair=dirty floor.

    …how 2 people across the country from eachother can meet on a blog and feel an instant connection? it’s just the coolest thing.

    • I have to agree with you…I wonder at all of those things too! Especially those darn fitted sheets! I vote for ball it all up, and throw it in the linen closet ;-). Ha! Hope your day has been fabulous Twig-dear. Hmmm…there’s a nickname I haven’t considered…

    • Oh good! I’m so glad! lol One day I’ll get brave and actually throw them away. Probably in the case of most of the buttons I have, the clothes are long gone! But I just! Hope your day has been great Rach! 🙂

  3. Why on earth you clicked on my blog, when my best friend Twiggs loves you and read me your blog just a few short weeks ago, when she was visiting.. and why it made me so happy.. (hello run-on messy kind -of why?)

    Why drivers licence tests are mostly based on visual accutiy and not motor skills..

    Why going to bed is sometimes my favorite thing to do, and why waking up feels like a nightmare.

    I am out of thoughts.. sorry:)

    • Hi Shay!!!! Awww…you’re so sweet :-). Hmmm…I’m with you on (and slightly disturbed by the thought of) the drivers test question. That is just not right, is it?

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