On a Whim…

I typically don’t live the lifestyle of the Crazy and Spontaneous. I’m a firstborn planner through and through. For me, the actual planning ahead is a wonderful part of the whole experience. I adore the delight of counting days, the rehearsing of the details in my mind, and the sheer upward arc of anticipation!

But last week, I took a rather huge leap off the cliff of spontaneity. And I have to say…I kind of loved it.

I just got home from spending a few days down in Florida with Jenni on a “blacation” (anybody coined that word yet? Ha!), where we visited Hogwarts together for the first time! There were tears, butterflies, goosebumps, and thrills – and that was just with the first glimpse of the castle spires ;-).

Of course meeting Jenni was fabulous too, but we already knew each other so well, it didn’t really feel like a first time meeting to me at all. This week just felt like spending time with family – sisters separated at birth. No need for impressing, putting up a good front, or getting nervously excited (public mode) like you do when meeting someone you only know and admire from arms length.

Those are the best kind of friends. You can talk a mile a minute, not really care about what you look like, solve all the worlds problems, bask in the golden glow of silence, methodically sip coffee while your brain starts slowly kicking into gear for the day, and enjoy all of those sweet moments together equally.

I’ll have lots more photos and details next week, as will she, I’m sure – but for today, while I laze about trying to recover from my excessive lack of sleep, here’s a little peek at the amazing castle for you (it was all I’d ever dreamed it would be!):

What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done?


2 thoughts on “On a Whim…

  1. You described it perfectly, friend. 🙂 Had such a nice, relaxing time with you. Love that picture of Hogwarts!! I’ve been showing Matthew my pictures and getting excited all over again… haha. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

    • Ditto. I think you definitely pass the “good vacationing buddy” test that we were talking about 🙂 Ha! Oh, and thank you~ I was tickled that some pictures came out well (you just never know what kind of mood my camera is going to be in day to day…). I got all excited when I showed Jesse my photos too- complete with excessively detailed commentary! Then we had to start watching Harrence last night to begin the comparisons of what we saw at HPWorld vs. the movies. Can’t wait to see your pics so I can relive it all over again! Strangest Bertie Bots to date: lima beans! :-p Happy Weekend!

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