Snail Mail Week

A Sunday post! When was the last time that happened?!

I’m stopping by this afternoon, because I wanted to kick off Snail Mail Week a day early πŸ™‚ ~ just couldn’t wait!

While walking to the mailbox several days ago, I realized that there was a time, not too distantly in the past actually, when walking to the mailbox was the highlight of my day! Reason being, back then, friends would write wonderfully newsy letters, send postcards from their vacations, and share pressed flowers from their garden or their new favorite tea sandwiched between the pages of their lovingly scrawled accounts of their latest goings on.

Now though, a trip to the mailbox = a pile of junk to throw in the recycling bin, bills, and the latest edition of the phone book. Exciting, huh?! I know.

But, this week is the week to do something about it! I just joined the #LovelyLetters campaign on the last day of sign-ups, which means unfortunately it’s too late for your dears to hop on that bandwagon. BUT, I wanted to encourage you, sometime this week, to send at least one hand-written note to a friend, family member you haven’t seen in awhile, or even your own husband ;-)! I guarantee it will make their day!

To further encourage the “baring of our souls, and the telling of our most appalling secrets” (name that movie), I also wondered if any of you are interested in a good old fashioned ink-and-paper pen pal? If so, send your name, blog address (if you have one), and snail mail address to:, with “Pen Pal” in the subject before Friday. At the end of the week, I’ll match you up with a partner, and you can start looking forward to those trips to your mailbox again!

So who’s with me? Can you manage one teensy little letter to spread a whole lot of sunshine? Bet ya can! πŸ˜€



4 thoughts on “Snail Mail Week

  1. Im also doing #lovelyletters and can’t wait to find real true snail mail in my letter box!

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