Spring Cleaning

Here on the east coast, spring has sprung very early (as in, we’re about a month ahead of our regular bloom time). I keep thinking there might be another snow storm around the corner, but as we inch closer and closer to April, I am beginning to relax more into the permanence of this delightfully warm weather.

Usually, spring inspires us to fling open our windows, and deep clean our closets, right? Well, this year, because of all the attention we’ve been giving to the interior of our house, the exterior has been very neglected. I didn’t get the bulbs in that I’d hoped to last fall, the beds need cleaning and mulching, the hydrangeas need pruning, the dead stalks from last summers blooms need to be cut down, I need to stake my roses, my beloved swing under the ironwood has rusted through and needs to be replaced.- The list is a mile long!

So, I decided to start with a very small bite, and clean out one of our whiskey barrels:

(just imagine this x100 and that’s what our yard looks like…yikes)

So, I cleaned out the dead stuff, trimmed up the perennial, and added a few happy pansies. Much better:

The pooches are enjoying the warm weather too! They watched me from the porch while I was working:

(it was a little breezy that day, can you tell?!)

Now, what to tackle next…I have no idea. But that little spot of calm and color in the midst of the chaos that is the rest of our yard, makes me smile.

And it got me thinking: isn’t our life generally one big ball of chaos? What can we do to create little spots of calm and color in our days? A little can go a long way…

Coffee with a friend? A catnap with the spring breezes blowing in? A hand written note? Being still and breathing deeply? Walking through your garden and cutting some flowers to bring inside?

What do you do for those moments of calm and color?


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Kristin, I’m so impressed that you have whiskey barrels–I love those, but we don’t have a one. That one looks nice and cheerful now!

    And your babies! I don’t think I knew you had doggies! Are they Maltese? They’re adorable!

    • Thanks Richella! I love whiskey barrels too…so southern :-). My pooch babies are Bichon Frises (Chester and Caroline) – and I think Bichons are closely related to Maltese (maybe cousins?). Hope your weekend is a good one!

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