Tips for Flying Part 1

Hello Readers! I’ve missed you this past week, but the break was nice – and necessary. A million things hit our home last weekend, right before we were scheduled to take to the skies, bound for Texas. – So as you can imagine, pre-scheduling blog posts got quickly shoved to the bottom of the list.

Whether traveling is in your blood (like me), or you’re getting ready to hop aboard your very first flight, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips:

*Pre-flight: check in online before you even get to the airport if your airline offers this option, and print your boarding passes from home. Saves so much time!

*Mid-afternoon generally seems to be a GREAT time to travel. The lines are low, security quick, and the airports are so much easier to navigate without the crowd. Worst time? First thing in the morning!

*For a smooth security experience: Have your quart-sized liquid bags easily accessible on the top of your luggage (make it the last thing you pack). Have your boarding pass and license/ID in your pants pocket or outside suitcase pocket before you get to the airport, so you can grab it in a hurry. I actually carry them in a small lanyard around my neck. Have a pair of socks in an outside pocket too, so you can slip them on quickly when required to take your shoes off for scanning.

*Bring your own food – if you’re flying over mealtimes, it’s so easy to pack a meal from home to bring: a sandwich, wrap, burrito, or even a pasta salad can all travel well and be delicious cold. Airport food can be ridiculously expensive, and when you’re in a hurry to catch a connecting flight, this will save you the hassle of waiting in line for nourishment. Just remember not to bring anything liquid (it won’t make it through security)!

*For a return trip, if you have access to a grocery store, I love the combo of dried fruit, crackers, cheese sticks, nuts, tuna or chicken, and hummus. You can get a delicious meal for 2 for less than $7

*While we’re talking about food, when I’m ready to eat on the plane, I often want to clean my hands. Hand-sanitizer will be safely stowed away in your allotted quart-sized bag, and so a more convenient (non-liquid) option that you can keep right in your purse or lunch bag is a travel package of handi-wipes.

*My favorite on-board dessert/snack? Bring a banana from home and eat it with the free in-flight biscotti cookies. Tastes just like banana pudding. Yummolicious!

More tips to come!

Do you have a plane trip coming up soon? Business or pleasure?



2 thoughts on “Tips for Flying Part 1

  1. Thanks for the tips. We are gleaning wisdom about flying with an infant while we can. Because of our unexpected blessing, we had to reschedule a flight to the UK, and we had a limited window to rebook so we will be flying to the UK for the first time as a family when our little guy is only a few months old. Yikes. I guess its all a learning curve! ha ha

    • I’m sure he’ll do great Chrissie! The best thing I’ve heard about flying with infants is to feed them during take off and landing to clear their ears.- I’m sure your family will be so excited to see you 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week…

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