Friday’s Foto Felicity

Next week, I’m going to be writing about friendship. Why are adult friendships so hard to begin? Do you ever think: “How come it seems like everybody else has friends except me?” How can we learn to be a good friend? What does investing in relationships look like?

I would really like to hear where you are right now in the whole friendship world: do you have lots of friends? Just a couple close ones? Do you hang out with your friends? Or just talk on the phone? Has making friends in your season of life been a challenge? Do you miss having a “best friend”? Talk to me in the comments today!


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Foto Felicity

  1. Apparently there is a friendship theme today Kristin – you should go check out Becca’s post

    I’m fortunate to have kept many friendships from my youth and have picked up several friends as an adult that I cherish beyond measure. To answer your questions, there are friends I may not talk to for months outside of a quick text or facebook message but then I have friends I talk to almost every day and see every weekend. But I think if someone’s supposed to be in your life they find their way into it. Some friends I had to work to keep, but others just showed up and never left 🙂

  2. I am blessed to have a great group of women I call “friends” at my church. I know that they pray for me and would be there if I needed them in a heart beat. But, even still, I really one have 1 or 2 friends that I actually hang out with and do stuff with. It is hard to build friendships as an adult, I would agree. I always feel like, “well, she already has friends, why would she want me as a friend”. But I know this lie. I believe there is room enough for us all to be friends!

    • You’re right, that lie is so easy to believe, isn’t it? It’s hard being the initiator.- What a blessing to have 2 close friends to enjoy! Thanks for sharing Barbie!

  3. We have lots of friends, but it seems that most people we would consider a closest best friend lives in a different city, as in there is literally one person who was in our wedding who lives in town. Everyone else lives elsewhere. I think that is the hardest thing for me, feeling like all of our friends who do live in town are better friends with each other than with us. And some of this is my own fault, because sometimes I am lazy and don’t do a good job investing in relationships with friends here in town. That is something I could definitely work on. But sometimes, between work and everything else going on, I just don’t have the energy. Overall though, I am very blessed to know that we have lots of friends who love the Lord and care about us, so I really can’t complain.

    • That sure seems to be what happens, isn’t it Anne? We make wonderful friends as children or in college, and then as we all grow up and get jobs and get married, we somehow get scattered to the ends of the earth! Isn’t it wonderful though, that we have the Internet, texting, and Skype to stay in touch? Thanks for sharing!

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