My Little Black Dress(er)

Once upon a time, we bought a dresser at a yard sale for super cheap. I don’t remember how cheap, I just know we were looking for a piece of furniture to put in our walk-in closet that had lots of drawers for organizing. Enter:

Yup, that’ll do the trick nicely. And because it’s in our closet (under a row of hanging clothes), we won’t care if it’s beat up a bit:


My husband always loved this piece, and was constantly thinking of ways to get it out of the closet and into broad daylight where we could enjoy it (he even wanted to use it as a dining room sideboard during our pre-reno musings). It couldn’t have clashed more with the style of our previous bedroom set (back when we thought that bedrooms had to have “sets”) – and the fact remained that we needed it for clothing storage, so it stayed relegated to the dark cavern of our closet for years.

But now, oh happy day! All of my husbands dreams have come true :-)! When we ditched the bedroom set (well, sold it on CraigsList) and planned to revamp the closet storage system, out from the depth of the closet she appeared! Turns out she was a perfect fit for one of our partial walls, an excellent height for cozy bedtime movie night viewing, and because we had amped up the formal factor in our room with the molding, stencil, and imposing mantel headboard, now she felt right at home!

But of course the banged up finish needed a little help. You know my motto though: “There’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!” – For this project I turned to a Lacquer product because I wanted a little glam factor on this piece. 25,000 very light coats later, and somebody’s looking hot to trot!

Nice! Don’t mind the etc.s, the room isn’t “staged” for photography yet, but isn’t she a beauty? The big empty spot is where the TV will go. We decided to try out the original antique brass pulls, but turns out I’m going to spray them in brushed nickel after all…I just think it will tie it into the rest of the b.n. accessories in the room. Just waiting for the next warm day to do it.

A nice little trick I tried out on this project was something I had read about ages ago: a spray paint trigger converter. If you’ve ever done a large spray painting project before, you know that your index finger runs out of steam VERY quickly. But with this sweet little under $3 jigger, you just pop it on your conventional can, and spray away forever with no finger cramping/seizing/falling off episodes at all. LOVE IT! You can find it at both Lowes and Home Depot.

One last thing we did for our new black beauty was have a glass shop cut a piece to protect her top from scratches – you know since I live with a man who likes to throw his keys, change, and whatever else ends up in his pockets on the dresser at the end of the day!

So for under $50 (including glass, paint, and sprayer), we got ourselves a brand new piece of focal-point furniture. Can I hear a hurrah!?

And the Renovate 2011/12 bus rolls on….

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14 thoughts on “My Little Black Dress(er)

    • Thank you Kristen! You are so sweet. I appreciate your kind, encouraging words! So glad you stopped by and said hello. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  1. Holy cow!!! I did not appreciate the beautiful details on that piece until I saw it in it’s little black dress!!! It is stunning! It looks WAY more expensive than $50! I am in love!

    • Isn’t that trigger thing a Godsend? I don’t know what I ever did without it! Keeps your fingers clean, and keeps them from getting tired too. Don’t you wish we could’ve come up with such a nifty invention ourselves? 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello today!

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