Master Suite Updates

What did you girls get for Valentine’s Day? When my hubby asked what I wanted, I said, “To move back into our Master Suite”. Well, my wish didn’t quite come true on Valentine’s Day, but the weekend after was pretty close! That’s right, after 5 months, we’ve moved back into our bedroom!


We’re still busy working in there, and once we dive into the closet reno, we’ll probably be moving back to the guest room temporarily, but hopefully that will only be a couple-day ordeal. Hopefully.

So wanna know what’s been going on in the Master lately? Ok, here’s the 411:

Perhaps most importantly (to me) the Sistine Chapel project is finally complete! I can die in peace. Wow, that was a doozy, but it feels so good to have it done, and done so cheaply, and know that when I get tired of it I will (take a couple of tranquilizers and) be able to paint over it! Happy day! – With the advent of my completion came the hanging of the mantel and the deciding on some reading lamps (thanks to all of you who came over and weighed in with your opinions). – I’ll write more about installing the mantel another day, for now: a picture:

K, then we had some guys come over and cut a hole in my beautifully painted and trimmed wall. What the what? Actually, it was just a stroke of eleventh hour inspiration on my part, and we have such kind and talented friends, 3 hours later my walk-in closet is now truly a walk-in (think alcove). Here is the before – just a regular old closet door, and the after will come when we’ve finished painting and organizing the closet:

What else? Oh yes, once upon a time there was no chair rail:

And then a fairy waved her magic wand (or air gun – same difference) aaaannnd voila! Chair rail appeared:

We’ve also been working in the Master Bath lately. We painted it long ago…remember it used to be chocolate brown, then we painted it this color:

Well, I initially liked this color, until somebody came in and called it Carolina Blue (I really don’t like Carolina Blue) – the hubs didn’t like it from the get-go – I admit it did look very different from the swatch to the wall, and once we lived it for awhile we decided that we wanted to LOVE our renovations…not just tolerate them for another 10 years.

So back to the paint store we went. Chose another color after weeks of deliberation – brought it home, painted one coat, and YUK! Hated it. But it was getting closer to our vision than the Carolina Blue. So I decided to take matters into my own can at this point. We had some small sample cans lying around with shades of gray from the Sistine project, and one with a khaki tint to it. We knew we wanted the color smokey-er and warmer so I did a little mix-y mix action and came up with my very own custom color. I had enough left from the original color + my mixing for one coat.

Put it on.

Loved it.

Trotted off to Lowes, they color matched my color, and I bought enough for a quick second coat. Now, at very long last (and enough paint layers later to make even Tammy Faye Baker nervous), we have our perfect spa-esque bathroom color:

Every time I walk in, I’m thankful we re-painted!

So there’s your progress report for today. Thanks for joining us on our renovation journey! Have you been getting the springtime itch to renovate lately?



8 thoughts on “Master Suite Updates

  1. very awesome. I always advocate the “go ahead, you’ll be happier” approach to deciding to “re-fix the fix”!! So lush and can’t wait to see the bathroom…

    • Thank you Michelle. I know, I’m SO glad we went with our gut and re-painted! I can’t wait to see the bathroom finished either :-D! Hopefully this weekend we’ll make a good dent it in.~ Wish us luck!

  2. I love your gray room! I really would love to do redo our master bedroom – although I really like the paint color of our room, I’m not a fan of everything else that is in it. But, I only have energy to tackle one project at a time and for right now it’s the kitchen. That, and I am seriously lacking inspiration for what I would actually like to do to our bedroom. So, we will see. Maybe one day 🙂

    • Yes! You’re kitchen re-do will keep you busy for sure…don’t be crazy like us and tackle the WHOLE HOUSE at once. We were completely delusional. Don’t recommend it. – But why not start collecting ideas now? Then by the time you’re done your kitchen, you’ll be all ready to dive in?! Hello Pinterest! 🙂

  3. Ooh, I like the fairy’s work on the chair rail. 😉 I love those! And your accent wall by your bed. Love that too…and your bathroom color. There’s nothing like creating your own color to get it just right. I’m all for the spa look in there.

    I hope it gets done super quick for you to officially be back in your room (after the closet)

    • I know, me too! Chair rails add so much more of a polished or tailored look to a room, don’t you think? Amazing what something little like that can do. We actually were back in the guest room last night because we painted a dresser yesterday and the fumes were too much to sleep with :-(. Hopefully we’ll be back “home” tonight though! Have a great weekend Emily!

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