My Freezer – My Hero!

Hello Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! Have a fun weekend? Mine was…ummm…let’s just say not fun. But we made it through to the other side, and it’s a brand new week. Thank God.

No fancy segue today…let’s talk about the virtues of freezing food, shall we?

I’ve been making large batches of food and freezing the excess for years – even having a “freezer cooking day” every now and then. You can read about my soup freezing methods HERE if you’re interested. Up ’til now, my husband and I (and the occasional house sitter) have been the main beneficiaries of our freezer bounty.- However…

Recently, we had a bit of a “food emergency” and thank goodness, it was able to be averted with already-prepared food that had been tucked away in the freezer. Just another little plug for why cooking big and freezing excess is the way to go!

We were hosting a dinner for 4 of our friends that night. I was planning a lovely crockpot meal that had never failed me, makes plenty to feed a crowd, and is always a favorite.- I had all the veggies and other ingredients chopped, grated, stirred and ready to go, when I started placing the chicken on top. Everything was going great, until I got to the last piece of chicken *cue scary music*. A rather unpleasant smell wafted through the air and twinged my nose. My heart sank to the floor. It was starting to spoil. At first I thought: “Oh well…it was just this last piece, and it hasn’t touched all the other ingredients yet…we’ll be fine”. But as I was mulling it over, I realized that there was no way that that one piece of spoiling chicken could NOT have affected all the other pieces that were cozied up in the same package with it.- And goodness sake, I was not about to give our unsuspecting guests food poisoning that night! So into the trashcan went the entire contents of a full crockpot – while I shed a tear or two (or ten). I called my hubby and was boohooing out my tale while bemoaning the fact that I was going to have to trek to the store to re-buy all of those ingredients, when he said, “Well, wait. Don’t we have some delicious soups in our freezer at the moment?” And by golly, we did! (Thank you God for husbands with calm and sense! – You know common sense, calm and sense – never mind -) So he picked up some buns at the store on his way home and I made a salad and mini ham sammies to go with our two soup selections. – Disaster averted. Money saved. No one was the wiser. Freezer to the rescue!*As an aside, a friend recently shared that this same thing happened to her too (the bit about the spoiling chicken)…strange…

Moral: sniff your chicken before you take it out of the package and let it touch any other food!

Thank you, dear freezer,  for your faithful service. I know I complain regularly about your lack of cubic footage, but alas, you have redeemed yourself well.


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