Glimpses of Christmas – The Game!

We’re not yet finished with all of our merry-making around here…we’ve enjoyed 3 out of our 4 Christmases – and our last one is in a couple of days – but today I thought I’d share a tiny glimpse of our holidays thus far. I just love extended celebrations!!!


In the Christmas spirit of fun and giving, you also have the chance to play a little Christmas game with me today (I love games almost as much as I love extended holidays)! For each photo below, there is a caption with lyrics from a Christmas song. In the comment section, leave the names of the songs numbered 1-8. You don’t have to know them all to enter. Whoever has the most correct guesses will win a little gift package from yours truly! In the case of a multi-way tie, the names of all the correct guessers will be placed into a hat and a winner will be drawn.

Have fun with it (I hear it helps to gather your family around the computer and sing the songs aloud so that the titles will come to you more easily…just a suggestion ;-))!

"For yonder breaks...a new and glorious morn..."


"Tiny pups (tots) with their eyes all aglooow...will find it hard to sleep tonight"


"Then we'll pass around the coffee and the pump - kin pie, it'll nearly be like a picture print from Curier and Ives"


"I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree...I don't need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace..."


"Christmas, at our house, warm memories. Bright colored presents, and Christmas trees..."


"Come and gather around at the the spirit of family and friends..."


"Spending time together with the family...the greatest celebration of them all!"


"Won't be wrapped under the tree, I want something that lasts kiss me on this cold December night"


You have until New Year’s Day to get your entries in! Good luck!



5 thoughts on “Glimpses of Christmas – The Game!

  1. Now this was fun!! What a great post, Kristin. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m completely stumped on 2 of them and it will DRIVE ME CRAZY, so I’m posting my entry now and then I’m going to google the two I don’t know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1 — O Holy Night
    2 — The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
    3 — Sleigh Ride! (ah, Singing School memories) ๐Ÿ™‚
    4 — All I Want for Christmas…is you
    5 —
    6 — Til the Season Comes Round Again (Amy’s finest)
    7 —
    8 — Cold December Night (love me some Michael Buble)

  2. 1. O Holy Night
    2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
    3. Sleigh Ride
    4. All I Want for Christmas Is You
    6. Til the Season Comes Round Again
    7. Come on Ring those Bells
    8. Cold December Night

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas (or more correctly, Christmases!). Fun game! I’m trying to avoid peeking at previous comments : )
    1. Oh Holy Night (one of my favorites)
    2. Christmas Song (this one was hard–I knew all the words, but couldn’t think of the title, so had to call in the husband)
    3. Sleigh Ride
    4. All I Want for Christmas is You
    5. Christmas at Our House (not sure about this one!)
    6. Until the Season Comes ‘Round Again
    7. Come On, RIng those Bells
    8. Cold December Night

    Happy new year!

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