SniqueAway to the Craddock Terry Hotel!

viaFor you locals (or semi-locals) that like to stop by and visit here on Kristin’s Veranda, I’ve got a great opportunity for you today! On one of my favorite travel sites (called SniqueAway) they are running a sale this week for a darling Lynchburg hotel called The Craddock Terry where you can snag a night (or two or three) for only $109-including breakfast. It’s located in an old shoe factory, right on the river, and the place just oozes charm! They even have a resident “hotel pooch” whom you can take out for walks around the downtown area if the fancy strikes you! Love that!

The free continental breakfast is delivered to your door in a shoe shine box and includes: beagles, muffins, yogurt, fresh fruit, grain bars, hard boiled eggs, and your choice of juice.Best part of all (in my humble opinion :-))?! It’s within a short jaunt of a dear place that I just discovered thanks to my friend Whitney: The Ploughcroft Tea Room. It’s authentically British, and their food and tea is divine! For a truly unique experience, try their smoked tea – it is strange, but intriguing.~But enough about food – I’m getting hungry! Click HERE to join the travel club for free and visit the sale.

To learn more about SniqueAway, read on:

I don’t know about you, but I love the charm and character of small independent “boutique” hotels and resorts. In fact, we just snuck away to one last week for a very refreshing respite!Trouble is, our traveling budget doesn’t usually accommodate the everyday rates that these boutique hotels command.


Now it can!

Allow me to introduce you to Snique Away. A by-invitation-only website that publishes rock bottom prices on lavish hotels all over the world. The sales rotate continually, so chances are there will be one near you up for grabs soon! The average prices that I’ve been seeing lately are between $89 and $170 a night (for rooms that are normally $250-$400 nt.). Trust me when I say, that when you make a boutique hotel your destination, and just plan to relax and spend the entirety of your vacation there (even if it’s only for one night-as we do often at Keswick Hall), you will feel so incredibly pampered and rejuvenated in such a short time – it’s worth a week of staying somewhere else that’s only mediocre!So here’s the deal: all you have to do is click HERE to accept your invitation (from me :-)), and sign yourself up to begin enjoying their amazing rates! Once you’re sold on how great a program it is, you can tell your friends about it too, and earn Snique Away credits for yourself. Got an anniversary or birthday coming up? Do you just need a breather from the cares of life? Does your husband have a high stress job? Why not surprise him with a night away – just the two of you?!

Getting away is such a good thing for your marriage, stress, and overall well-being, that it is something that we have made room for in our household budget. I encourage you to do the same. It’s an investment in your relationship – and I can honestly say that we’ve never regretted a dime that we’ve spent on a quick getaway! We’ve come back feeling like new people!

If babysitting is an issue, why not encourage some friends to getaway themselves, and then swap childcare for each other?

Do you “get-away” with your spouse on a regular basis?

*Because I am a member of SniqueAway, if you sign up via my invitation and book a getaway through SA, I will earn some getaway credits. I was not, however, compensated for this post in anyway. The opinions expressed are entirely my own. I have personally used and enjoy being a part of the SniqueAway club!

One thought on “SniqueAway to the Craddock Terry Hotel!

  1. Thanks for sharing Kristen, my sister in law just started working at that hotel! So that is exciting! Also I am always looking for a new tea house!!!! I adore them, do you happen to know of a good one in Roanoke? I am totally going to check out the one in Lynchburg! Thanks so much for always sharing!

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