We Found THE ONE!!!! (and we’re in love)

Hello Sweet Friends!

Thank you so much for following us during our renovation project journey this fall. As you may have gathered, much of the design decisions we have made have come very quickly and easily… We had our heavy weight inspiration (the Restoration Hardware Fall Collection) and everything sort of fell into place from there. Everything except the dreaded curtains (remember THIS? Btw, we picked #2 per your vote!), and the other thorn in our decision-making side: flooring for the now combined dining room/den area that is currently half vinyl and half old yucky carpet (it’s a stunning combo, let me tell you!).

We knew that carpet wasn’t the smartest choice due to the burn marks already present from the fireplace and the constant wood/dust/bark/ashes that are toted across it during the cooler months. We couldn’t afford real hardwood (it’s a pretty large area), but I hate the sound dog nails make clicking over laminate. Ceramic tile was out from the start…lived with that for a couple of years and never again. So what’s a reno-er on a budget to do?Enter: engineered hardwood. Part plywood, part real wood, it has a much longer life span than regular laminate, and can even be refinished two or three times depending on the depth of the wood layer. Cheaper than true hardwood, it seemed like our answer.Then to find the finish we were looking for. Aye, yie, yie (how do you spell that??). Needle in a haystack people. Why is it that 95% of wood finishes are RED??? I don’t like red. Plus, in addition to the coffee colored hue we were looking for, we were also looking for a nice old, worn, already-broken-in, been-there-forever, can’t-possibly-mess-it-up, dings-just-add-to-the-patina look. You know, like what you’d find in an old tavern.

So last week…finally…WE FOUND IT!!!! Meet our new love: Irish Pub Hand Scraped flooring.Coming soon to a den near you.


2 thoughts on “We Found THE ONE!!!! (and we’re in love)

  1. I think it is absolutely perfect! It is exactly what I would put in my den (and may do exactly that when we rip out the carpet). Well done, friend.

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