Dining Room Progress

More silence from me last week…sorry guys! I’ve just had to come to terms with the fact that house renovation = not much time for blogging. Boo. But it’s a good trade off I think, and it’s only for a season (and a very short season I hope!). – Ok, so I shall now stop apologizing for my lack of blogging, and pop a post up here and there when I can. I know you understand…you’re sweet like that. I do hope you’ll keep checking in here…more and more progress pics to come!

Over the weekend, we worked on finishing up our new dining room walls. Here is the before picture, a mossy green, with the frames beginning to be taped out and the holes patched. Thanks mom for helping me measure and tape!

Next up, we have the paint all done on this wall! A rich brown inside and a creamy oatmeal outside:Then it’s time to paint the molding:My sweet carpenter at work in his “shop” on the deck. He really did a great job!Starting to put up the molding! Lots of measuring and leveling to make sure they were even.And the finished product! A wall of painted panels – just what I had envisioned! Now for the fun part: decorating them! We decided on a trio of iron work pieces to further encourage the formality of this space.Ewww…I do hate my dining set color up against the wall. I’ve had plans to refinish it anyway b/c it is full of scratches, but I’m being indecisive about it (sound familiar? See previous curtain post!) to paint, or stain, or sand down to wood and clear poly it…I just can’t decide! What would you do?

If you’d like to see more “then and now” pics of this whole room and what we’ve done to it since putting up the molding, just click HERE.

Back to work for now…

Linking this post up to the Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party!


4 thoughts on “Dining Room Progress

  1. Those panels look fabulous- great job!
    Rennovations are so time consuming. I for one totally understand why blogging hasn’t been possible. I’ll be checking back to see more progress 🙂

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