31 Days {Day 24}: Lovely Weather for a Picnic!

10 points if you can name what movie the title quote came from!

Of course we all know that fall is the best time of the year for most things 😉 but what better time of the year for enjoying al fresco dining?

You know, a picnic doesn’t have to be a big production…it can be as simple as picking up a sub from Subway and eating on the hood of your car!

Or meeting a girlfriend at a park or a scenic overlook with a thermos of hot tea or cider and some scones or muffins.

Surprise your date with a sunset dessert (and maybe a love poem you wrote) all set up and ready for him – don’t forget to linger so you can get in some dancing under the stars!

Even if you just go outside your door, spread a blanket on the ground and enjoy your dinner, I’ll bet it will taste all the better for the crisp air that accompanies it!

Besides the quintessential sandwich: I love to pack 7-layer salads, pasta salads, casseroles, pies or brownies in-a-jar, soup in a thermos (just plan to drink it out of a mug instead of bringing bowls and spoons), an easy meal of artesinal cheeses, breads, grapes, and Asian pears…

What foods do you like to pack for a picnic? Do you have a favorite picnicking spot?

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One thought on “31 Days {Day 24}: Lovely Weather for a Picnic!

  1. This is absolutely, positively beautiful! Your love story is so precious! I have been MIA for a bit, but I have missed reading your sweet posts, friend. Glad to be back at it 🙂

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