31 Days {Day 22}: Autumn Inspiration for Your Weekend

As usual on Saturdays, I’m here to share some of the wonderful autumnal inspiration that I’ve found around the interwebs this week. They are all simple projects or recipes that you could complete easily during your days off. I hope you enjoy exploring them! Click directly on the pictures to be taken to the host site for more details.

Love this cheap, natural, fabulous centerpiece idea from SAS Interiors. Perfect for a long skinny table!


Great PB knock off mantel (with tutorial) from Dean and Shannon. AND some really cute ideas for a white mantel theme!


Although not blatently "fall". I love the look this would add to your fall decor. Can you tell I'm in love with book crafts lately? 😉


A bowl of pumpkins is cute, but a bowl of pumpkins with little bits of ribbon around them? Super cute!

Hope you enjoy your weekends dears! Mine will be filled with painting, painting, and if I’m lucky…more painting! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “31 Days {Day 22}: Autumn Inspiration for Your Weekend

  1. Love the pumpkins with the ribbon on, so simple but so cute. I also had found a tutorial to make one of those paper wreaths, I am not sure if I still have it, but if that picture didn’t come with instructions let me know and I can try to find it. It was really simple. I even bought a book at a yard sale to make it but never got the other bits and it never got made. Maybe this year? Happy Weekend friend

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