31 Days {Day 17}: Drinks All Around!

Hello Friends! One thing we love around our home is our hot drink station. My husband and I enjoy hot drinks all year ’round, but this season is certainly their time to shine!

Coffee, tea, cider, cocoa, buttered rum, spiced wine…so many options.

 This year I read an article in a magazine about “hybridizing” your drinks, and WOW! A whole new world of hot drink consumption has opened up before us.

 An example of a hybrid might be: hot apple cider steeped with an earl gray tea bag. I know, I know. It sounds strange, but once I tried it, I was totally hooked! It is, actually, pretty good cold too. A nice robust, flavorful drink.

 Why not have a signature hot drink for the winter that you serve every time you have company over? If mulled drinks are to your liking, mulled cider or wine can be placed in a crockpot and simmered for several hours before company arrives. Your home will smell heavenly as a result!

 Another thing we love (especially before bed) is hot milk steeped with a teabag. Chai, cinnamon cardamom, and honey vanilla chamomile are a few of our faves.

 What is your hot drink of choice?

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