31 Days {Day 2}: Cozying Up Your Home

I don’t know if “cozying” is a real word, but I sure like to use it! Let’s all humor me and pretend it is, k?

Where I live, the cooler weather is slowly starting to creep in and envelop us for the season. That means our clothing changes over from crisp, light, cotton dresses to warm, comforting woolen sweaters.

Why shouldn’t our homes go through the same kind of “cozying” for the fall?

Draping our chairs with soft, plush throws. Piling our couches high with velvet and cable knit pillows. Folding an extra blanket at the end of our beds. Dusting off the plush flannel sheets. Adding thicker opaque curtains to our summer sheers. Rolling out soft rugs onto our cold wooden floors. All of these things are like dressing up your home in a warm sweater. I love the feeling of cozy it creates!

Be sure and make your throws accessible. Have them piled in a basket, or tossed across the arm of a chair. If they’re too perfect or staged looking, people will be hesitant to use them, and really…isn’t using them the whole point!? That’s when the cozy happens 🙂

Now go forth and cozify!


One thought on “31 Days {Day 2}: Cozying Up Your Home

  1. I have been cozyifyng this week too. The blankets are out of the baskets and around the living room and the annual “should we get an electric blanket?” conversation has happened twice already! It must be fall!!

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