I’ve Joined the Blating Scene

Hello All! Happy September! I love this month because it ushers in the very best of all seasons (in my humble opinion)….FALL!!! Can I get an “amen”??!! I don’t care if it’s still 90 degrees out, the pumpkin candles come out at my house on September 1st of every year. – AAaaaannnnnddd speaking of fall, back by popular demand will be my Fall Friendship Swap! I’ll be making the official announcement for it on Monday the 12th – can’t wait! Trust me: if you like fall, and you like making new friends, you’ll want to join in the fun…Speaking of friendship (boy, I’m full of segues today, aren’t I?), I’d just like to let it be known that I have officially joined the blating scene! What’s a “blate” you may ask?

Blogger + Meet-Up Date = Blate

A little while ago, I had such fun getting together with Kelsea from Overwhelmed by Grace at a local Starbucks. She was in town visiting family, and we were able to squeezed in a last minute meet up! What a lovely little talk we had outside on a beautiful summer day. Well, make that a lovely large talk…we were there for hours before we even looked at our clocks! She’s such a sweet blogger who has just gotten married, just moved to a new town, and just started a new job. Tons of exciting things going on in her life these days, and you’ll want to follow along for the ride I’m sure!

Kelsea's the tall gorgeous one...I'm the little shrimp on the left 🙂

Thanks for the fun “blate” Kelsea, Can’t wait to do it again soon!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Joined the Blating Scene

  1. It was so much fun, Kristin. I’m glad we finally got around to it! 🙂 Hopefully there will be more “blates” in the future!

    Love the fall theme I’m sensing on your site- it’s making me want to decorate already!

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