It’s P.A.R.T.Y time!!!!!

Me. Celebrating.

Hello Dear Ones!

I’m really excited about next week, and here’s why: Vignettes is celebrating its official “Blog-Warming Party”!!!! Things have been declared “FINISHED” over here at my new web address…well, all the boxes are unpacked anyway 🙂 you know things will be in a constant state of redecorating until kingdom come… But it’s high time to invite the world over for the grand tour and a party! Ready to celebrate??!

Next week will be full of fabulous PRIZES (one. every. single. day.), guest posters, and some exciting announcements of things to come here on the ole’ (well, technically, new) blog. You’ll want to be sure and stop in for a quick visit each and every day so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Go ahead, put it on your day planner…I’ll wait 🙂 …dum, da, dee, dum, dum…oh, back already? Fab!

Inspiring happy picture to cheer you up from the sob story...

Here is where you come in: as some of you know, when I made the big switch from Blogger to WordPress, I (sadly) lost most of my loyal readers from GFC and FeedBurner. I tried as hard as I could to bring them along, but alas, the interweb gods were against me, and I had to make the journey mostly alone (cue violin music).And you know how it is: when someone doesn’t show up in your reader anymore, you just think that they left the blogging world – out of sight, out of mind and all that.- BUT! The party next week is my way of hanging out balloons, inviting the world over for a visit, and you can help! If you enjoy Vignettes, tell your friends!!! You can be a perfect Peach by posting, tweeting, or facebooking about the party and inviting your crowd over to join in the fun too! The more the merrier! You can also grab the button with the HTML code below to display on your site for the next week and a half if you so choose:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img alt=”Kristin’s Veranda” src=”; /></a>


If you choose to help me spread the word, leave a comment on this post and let me know! There will be two special *extra* prizes for you! One will be chosen randomly from all my sweet friends who help broadcast the news – and one will be won by the person who brings (refers) the most new friends to Vignettes! So when you post/tweet/FB about it, be sure and tell your friends to leave a comment saying that “so-and-so told me about the party”!

So girls, that’s SEVEN prizes being given away next week!!!! Can you see why I’m excited (and the prizes are only half the fun, but oh how I love giving stuff away 🙂 )!? Woohoo!!!!

I even hired Chester to be my "Giveaway Manager" for the week. He's super excited about it and is taking his new job title very seriously!

     Let’s start spreading the word NOW! Tell everyone you know about Vignettes, have them come on over and get acquainted with the new digs so we can all have fun celebrating next week together!

Are you with me?

EDIT: If the code above doesn’t work for you to grab the button, you can always just add as a photo to your sidebar, and then manually type in the link (my web address) if you have Blogger. Here’s the web image address:

(just click on the pic and copy the url)


5 thoughts on “It’s P.A.R.T.Y time!!!!!

  1. So glad you’re doing this Kristin! 🙂 I tried to post the button to my blog, but it wasn’t working. Maybe blogger is just being weird tonight! I’ll try again tomorrow! Excited about joining in the fun!

  2. I want to share, but I can’t get your button to work either. I am on Word Press. Let me know once you get it fixed. Looking forward to the party!

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