Reclaiming Kitchen Cabinet Space

Hello Dear Peaches! Thank you for stopping by today! Your visit just made my Monday a little brighter! It’s been a rough weekend…I’m not gonna lie. One crazy thing after another…first a massive candle chandelier fiasco on the deck -including wax all over the furniture, rug, and my husbands clothes (don’t ask – By the by: Martha Stewart doesn’t say anything about wax fiascoes when she tells us to buy a chandelier for our deck, does she?), ok, then our outdoor lights (that are new) blow a fuse, then my husband gets stung by 6 bees (or maybe it was the same bee 6 times…he didn’t really pay attention), AND gets poison ivy on top of already being red and swollen all over, our ice cream social gets rained out, and that, my dears, was only the tip of the iceberg! But an impressively long run-on sentence, no? I need another weekend, and fast!

{{taking a deep breath}}

Now onto other slightly more inspirational blogging:

Here is a very simple, inexpensive way to find more space in your kitchen cabinets (and who doesn’t need more space in their kitchen cabinets I ask you???): Hang your stemware underneath! I found these bottom-mounting tracks at Lowes for less than $10, my husband installed them in a matter of minutes, and it has freed up so much room for other goodies in my cupboards!The one I have fits 9 glasses, but you can mount multiples side-by-side to have all your stems hangin’ out below!Do you have any kitchen space saving ideas to share? Please do!


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