Easy Lamp Makeover

Today I thought I’d share a simple lamp makeover I did when I was on the verge of throwing a pair of my lamps away (or selling them at a yard sale). Here is what they looked like before:Yep.  Just not doin’ it for me. The shade was getting pretty stained and beat up, and if you look closely, you’ll see cracks at both the top and the base where the wood had split apart.

So enter: my DIY BFF spray paint!

I knew I wanted to use this lamp in my den, so I got brave and went for a robin’s egg blue. A couple of coats later, a new shade from Ross (THE best place to find nice shades at even nicer prices…I think mine was $7.99), and voila!A brand new lamp-y pie! Now if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that in order to cover up the cracks, I wound some linen twine around the neck and base. I love that little touch! Kinda beach-y looking and helps tone down the dressy shade a notch.So what do you have that you’re about ready to pitch, but with a little TLC (and maybe some spray paint!) you could give it a whole new life?

Go forth and upcycle!



2 thoughts on “Easy Lamp Makeover

  1. It must be Spray-Paint-It Day! I just finished turning an old wine bottle into a vase with some white Krylon. I did the same thing with twine to hide the nicks. Great job on the lamp! I love the color.

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