Pooch Tales – A Story Pt.1

Hello Ma’s Readers! Chester the Bichon here. Ya know, over on my blog I had just started this little story, but never got to finish it before my blog was so unceremoniously shut down (cough,cough) – so for those of you who missed Part 1, here it is. I hope you enjoy it:
Once upon a day, I was just trotting around enjoying my morning routine: wake up, walk, breakfast, bath, play time with Carol, Bichon Blitz, and then it was time for my after-blitz sun soak. So off to Ma’s bedroom I head, when what do I behold!? Her Majesty, the Queen, asleep on my favorite napping cushion. Grrr…I’ve told her about that. She knows I get dibs in the mornings, but there she was – big as life nonetheless.

The nerve of THAT CAT!

Maybe I’ll try tattling to get her in trouble:

“Ma! Auti’s in my bed again! Make her get out!”

Then here comes snoopy:

Caroline: “Oh look! A cat! Don’t worry Chester, I’ll get her out for ya!”

Carol: “Um…on second thought…I think we need to work on a de-catting plan together…”
To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Pooch Tales – A Story Pt.1

  1. LOL! I don't have any dogs, but I do have 3 cats. And my calico is also She Who Must be Obeyed. I'm guessing kitty got to keep her sleep spot?

  2. This really truly made me "laugh out loud"! How do you pose those two – and the cat? I love Chester and Caroline xoxoxoThe cat, meh. I am allergic.

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