How to Cut a Mango (and other fun things)

Ok, so I lied about the “other fun things”. This truly is a vlog about how to cut a mango, and as a super-de-duper bonus just for you, I also show you how to cut an avocado! *and the crowd goes wild* Not that there aren’t other ways to accomplish said tasks, mind you. This is just what I have found is the most spectacular way to get ‘er done! –

Oh, and P.S. I do own (and would recommend) a better knife to do your dirty work than the one used for this taping- I guess just all the excitement of a vlog made me reach for a steak knife right before we were “on air”. Who the heck uses a steak knife to cut fruit I ask you?! My brain sometimes…


Friday’s Foto Felicity

“Your life is like a coin. 
You can spend it any way you wish, 
But you can spend it only once.”
Lillian Dickson
Usually for FFF I like to post raw, unedited pics that I love. But today, I broke my own rule, and thought I’d share a little retro-action photo editing with you. Taken at Berry Hill Plantation in April. Hope you like it!

I’ve Got Gadgets and Gismos a Plenty…

Ten points if you name that movie!

Today I thought I’d share with you the newest addition to my kitchen gadget collection. One that I don’t know how I have lived without! May I introduce you to my Cuisinart Immersion Blender:

If you love to make smoothies and soups, this is a Godsend! The soup pictured above (my Hearty Tomato Bisque) used to require cooling the soup, transferring to a blender in small batches, then reheating. Now, I just use my little immersion blender to blend it to a smooth creamy consistency right in the pot with no transfer or cooling/reheating time (which was probably about 20 minutes on the conservative side), plus it saves 3 or 4 extra dishes from being dirtied! Can I say this is my new best friend?! You can also make smoothies right in your glass with this little baby. Easy as a wink. – So if you’ve never considered an immersion blender before – perhaps you should!

What I Wore Wednesday

I love fashion. And clothes. I also love posting about new outfits I come up with. BUT, I never seem to remember to ask the DH to take my picture until after I’ve had it on all day and I’m wrinkled, frumpy, and my hair has seen better times. Frustrating. But here is one little outfit I did actually remember to ask for a picture or two of. It was during our transitional time of winter-spring. Now it’s full-on summer clothes here! But if you ran into me on the street a few weeks ago, you might have seen me in something like this:

If you enjoy outfit posts, I will try to do better remembering to solicit my cameraman! So tell me, do you enjoy outfit inspiration during your daily blog reading?

My Spring Crush

This spring, I have discovered (between raindrops) a wonderfully refreshing floral combination:

Peonies and Lemon Balm.
Be still my heart! In addition, to these lovelies looking beautiful together, the smell is simply intoxicating! Oh how I love this time of year – when we can bring the bounty of nature inside to enjoy right under our noses. It’s the little things girls. It’s the little things.
This is a floating arrangement on my kitchen table…perfect for those super short-stemmed peonies.
Do you have a spring crush?
Inquiring minds want to know: do you say “pee-uh-knee” or “pee-own-ee”?

Strawberry Soup + Weekend Review

Our weekend was just fabulous: Slow. Simple. Sunny. Divine. A little work. A little play. A lot of good food. I would that all weekends be such. (Do you ever just randomly break out into very bad old English — or is it just me?)

An ideal Saturday in my book starts out late – well, as late as dogs that wake up every morning at 6:30 allow. They were kind actually, and went back to sleep after their morning walk. So we snoozed in for awhile. Then unhurriedly got up and went about making a delicious brunch. I love brunch food. Ours was fairly simple. It consisted of: Rosemary Eggs, Scones, Fruit Salad, and Coffee. The best part was that we enjoyed it outside listening to the birds sing, the brook laugh, and some Celtic music play.

 Hubby mowed the grass, while I planted our vegetable garden. We’re off to a late start this year…hopefully we’ll have some tomatoes by October! I got a sunburn in the process. ME! Miss “slather up or cover up”. Ugh. First one in years. – Then hubby disappeared for awhile, and when I came in for lunch he had surprised me by starting to change our bedroom furniture around. We’d been talking about doing it for awhile, and I was thrilled to have a good start going!

After a quick lunch and shower, we were off to our local town’s Food and Wine Festival.The weather was perfect and the live jazz band added so much to the atmosphere. We met some neat people, tried our first savory crepe, and sampled some delicious local wine.

Then it was back home to finish up the bedroom arrangement, and head off to a well-earned sleep.

Sunday, I made some Amish Oatmeal with Currants and Strawberry Soup before church. So fresh and easy – and we again leisurely dined outside. Just delicious. “Weekend” food makes me never want to eat cereal again!

Church was nice. Came home, took a nap, and played some Wii (hubby won), worked on the menu for the week, blogged, and enjoyed some Road to Avonlea to the coziness of a thunderstorm.

We are rich indeed. That’s what I call a weekend!

Thought I would share my Strawberry Soup recipe with you all – especially if you’re in the midst of strawberry season like we are here in VA!

Strawberry Soup
Perfect for a brunch – everybody will think that you fussed, when really this recipe is a snap to throw together. So refreshing and crisp (and healthy to boot!) – I think you’ll enjoy this addition to your springtime repertoire.

1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce
2 cups of hulled strawberries
3 splashes of white wine (sweet, preferably)
20 mint leaves
6 ice cubes
1 T agave nectar (optional)

Mix everything together in a blender and serve chilled in bowls. Top with a mint leaf. The agave is only really necessary if you’re not using sweet wine and your berries aren’t that sweet on their own. Makes 4 servings.

So what did you do this weekend?