Friday’s Foto Felicity

 “So shall a friendship fill each heart
With perfume sweet as roses are,
That even though we be apart,
We’ll scent the fragrance from afar.”
Georgia McCoy
This photo was taken at Berry Hill Plantation OFF of manual mode! (Chelsa will be proud of that)

Pooch Tales – Meet Chester

Hi Everybody (new furiends especially)! My name is Chester. I’m a 3 1/2 year old Bichon Frise, and I belong to Ma (as you know her: Kristin) who writes here at Vignettes. What you might not know, is that I’m also a blogger! I used to have my very own blog called “Pooch Tales”, but since Ma and Pa just went and got themselves so busy, Ma said that I couldn’t have my own anymore, but that she’d let me write every once-in-a-while on hers.  So I guess that’s the next best thing. I’m still a little miffed at her though. I’m not gonna lie.

Thought I’d start out proper-like in my new digs here, and introduce myself a bit. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Once upon a time, I was a wee little lonely Bichie-poo. Somebody had thrown my sister and I out on the streets to fend for ourselves, but we were too little to know what to do. It was awful. But then some kind angels found us, rescued us, and put us up for adoption. That’s where Ma comes in. She saw my ad online, and drove 5 hours straight away in the snow to come get me! She just knew I belonged to them. And she was right. Here’s what I looked like when I was just a sprig in Tennessee:

I was a little sad because Ma and Pa couldn’t take my sister, so I was missing her.

But then, one day, I grew up! I love my life here at Windy Poplars with Ma and Pa. Some say I’m spoiled. But not any more than your average adorable pooch. I also now live with my new Bichon sister Caroline (whom I call “Caroline the Crazy” – she’s completely nuts). She’s just a baby still, so Ma says hopefully she’ll grow up to be a good pooch like me one day. Here we are together:

This was at Christmastime. I’m the one on the right.

We also have a sister of the feline variety named Autumn. She is a gray calico, and just turned 12 years old. She makes us call her “Her Majesty The Queen”, and she is in charge of the whole entire house. We like to terrorize her sometimes (especially Carol), but mostly we get along just fine.

Caroline and I love to play! We romp around, chew bonies, and make a general fracas whenever we can. It’s so fun having a sister again!

I also have a cuz-pup named Monte. He’s my Aunt Amy’s son. Here is our fur-family picture at Thanksgiving last year:

Monte is also my best friend. We have such fun together!

So that’s about it for the basics. Thanks for visiting me today. I look forward to making lots of new furiends over here! Wondering: do you have any pooches?

Going Beyond…

Today I was just sittin’ around thinkin’ – well, that’s probably not entirely true I don’t usually just sit around and think (sadly) – I was probably folding laundry or something – and anyway, what popped into my mind was this: although it my job, pleasure, and delight to keep home for my husband, is it also my job, pleasure, and delight to keep myself for my husband? The answer to this is, as much as I hate to admit it, often “no”.

The day is full to the brim, I’m too tired when I get home, I have a deadline to meet, everything else is screaming for attention – are all excuses I’ll make. – I’ve realized that I don’t put “me” on my to-do list. I’ll sometimes put “me time” on my schedule if I’m feeling particularly stressed, but that usually consists of a nap, or reading a magazine or something of the sort. – Of course, a low stress level is helpful in creating a pleasant wife, but I’m talking about a conscious effort to make ourselves attractive to our husbands.

Goodness knows they are bombarded with the world’s perception of beauty all day long: on billboards, commercials, in their office environment, wherever they turn, they see well groomed women.

Then they come home. 

For those of us who work from home, or are stay at home moms, this presents an couple of options to us:

1. Stay in your pjs, sweats, or “house clothes” (you know the stretched out, holey, stained cast offs from your good wardrobe). Don’t bother with make-up or anything, brush your teeth before bed.

That’s a pretty picture for your man to arrive home to, eh? -OR-

2. Before he arrives home from work: change into some nicer clothes, fix your hair, put on some makeup and perfume, brush your teeth, and voila! You are fresh and beautiful as a flower to greet him at the door!

Which one would you want waiting for you after a long day? I know just thinking about this, I’ve been inspired to knock my guys socks off when he walks through the door. – Men are such visual creatures…why does the world cater to that side of them more than their own wives?

One last note on maintaining yourself in an attractive way: As a wife, I’ve found it much more effective to shower at night rather than in the morning. That way you head to bed fresh, clean, shaven, and hopefully in something other than an old tee shirt. Show your guy you care.  Make yourself the best you can be. For him! Aren’t they worth the extra effort?

Weekly Menu

Awhile back, when I was posting menuson Windy Poplars, some of you seemed to enjoy it. I don’t know if itwas just the inspiration to go make out your own menus for the week,or if you liked hearing about healthy and vegetarian dishes, butregardless, I thought I’d post them every-now-and-then, and see whatresponse they garner this time around. Girls, if you like something and want to seemore of it, let me know, k?! Can’t read your mind now… 🙂
So here is what we’re eating over hereat Windy Poplars this week:

Spaghetti and sauce withsquash, red pepper, and onion – garlic bread – avocado spinachsalad
Breakfast for dinner! Eggwhite omelet with veggies, lemon muffins, turkey sausage, and asmoothie
Sauteed Lettuce Bowl withrolled meat
Date Night!
Soft Greek sandwiches
Do you make a weekly menu? What are you having for dinner tonight?

Deals, Deals, Deals!!!

Got a few great deals for you today:

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So whatcha waiting for? Go get your deal on!
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And So It Begins…

Hello Blogland! I’m baaaack! Thanks to all of you dears who stopped by today for a visit…I know it’s super easy to lose touch with blogs that take such a long break, so if you’ve stuck with me through these two weeks of pondering and reconstruction – big fat smooch to ya! I’m glad to be typing again.

For those of you used to the Living Graciously style (i.e. instructional blogging) of reading, I hope it doesn’t take you too long to get used to hearing reading me talking. Because this is becoming a more integrated personal/instructional blog, I’ll now be chattin’ atcha more like we’re having coffee together. Not so much pretense or instructor/instruct-ee business. It’s more fun to write, and hopefully you’ll feel like you are getting to know me better when you read it!

So today, for my inauguration back into the blogging world, I thought I’d share about a lovely first meal we recently enjoyed over at my newly married sister’s home. Since they’re living a new beginning together and I’m having a new beginning here at LG@WP, I thought it was apropos (in a cheesy kind of way).

Without further ado, our very first visit with the newlyweds:
Her beautiful new dishes – don’t they just pop on her dark wood table?
Part of the mantel. Note the wedding picture taken by a friend with film and hand processed. What a wonderful gift, no?!
Love their bedroom…so soft and serene.
Yummm…Rosemary Lemon Chicken was on the menu for the night.
The food spread on her sideboard.
Dessert (brought by me) – a take on pavlovas. Super easy, super yummy, and super spring-y!

Thanks so much for hosting us Emily! We had a great time!

So now I want to know: do you remember what it was like when you set up your first home? Where did you live? Who was your first “company”? Our first home was a one room hunting cabin. Totally rustic and quaint. Totally great view. Totally tiny. So we didn’t have much company for the 10 months we lived there. One person at a time about filled up the place! I do, however, remember one visit from the best man at our wedding. It was the dead of winter, and our place was cold. NO insulation, and we were used to it (just wore long johns around the house). But our poor guest was freezing to death…he was sitting on the couch with a blanket over him, and a hat and mittens on while we were trying to play some board games. Fun times. Thank you Lord for houses with insulation and  heat pumps- that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

I’d love to hear about your first place…share with us, won’t you?

Under Construction

Please pardon the “dust” while I rearrange furniture this week. Hoping to get everything situated to be up and running in time to be back to normal next week. To see what all the hullabaloo is about, read post below. Thank you for your patience! ~Kristin