Decorating on the Cheap!


Lately, I’ve been seeing these sweet little stacks of cover-less books everywhere. Some selling for upwards of $30! The penny-pinching crafty girl in me knew I could make my own for so much less, and so off I went to the thrift store…

Half an hour and $1.50 later, I arrived back home with my three perfectly stackable paperbacks.


I tore off the covers, and rubbed the edges lightly with a damp teabag to give it an aged look. Then just tied them all together with some jute that I already had, and voila! Lovely new versatile decorating accessory. For $1.50. Yes please!





9 thoughts on “Decorating on the Cheap!

  1. my man came home with a ball of twine for industrtial purposes the other day. i don't think he knows it's going 100% to crafts like these!

  2. I made a stack just like this…and I love it!! Decorating with books is so much fun :)Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!! šŸ™‚

  3. i totally agree…why would anyone pay $30 bucks?i love this look & your flowers looks wonderful together.thanks for linking up to the SPRING FLING!have a super weekend.kellie

  4. How pretty Kristin ~ I absolutely LOVE your finished project!What a fun way to decorate on a dime!! Thanks for linking up to Chic & Crafty!

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