Dreaming in Gold

  How many times a day (week, month, year), do we get that feeling in our souls that we’ve accomplished something great? I don’t mean great on the Richter Scale, measuring impaction levels on mankind as a whole, but great in the sense that you KNOW that what you just did, was something you were created to do. It resounds in your very deepest heart of hearts. It could be an inner joy and peace…a sense of purpose fulfilled…a delight with your soul at perfect rest…a longing satisfied. We’re going to call that a “golden feeling” for the purposes of this post. I find colors can be a great way of expressing emotions – don’t you think?

I love having that feeling of gold! It’s a natural high. Even if it’s only for a moment. It helps you wade through all kinds of daily mundane, and like a drug, keeps you wanting more.~

So with that in mind, now switch over to thinking about some of the dreams and goals you have for your life. Do they meld in any way with those aforementioned feelings of gold? Many of mine do, and that’s why, after one day connecting those two thoughts, I had my epiphany:

A Key to Happiness:
1. Spend some time thinking about the dreams and desires that were placed in your hearts secret place before you were born. – Consciously noting that the realization of them in your life causes your heart to overflow with feelings of golden peace and joy!
2. Stop sitting around and waiting for them to occur by chance.- DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Several blogs have been inspiring me lately to live my dreams. Who knows if we’ll ever see tomorrow? But we DO have today! Many of my dreams have always seemed far off in the future.- “We don’t have the money”, “It’s too much work”, “I have no idea how to even go about getting started”, “I’m too young and inexperienced”, are all excuses I’ve used. No more my friend!

It’s time to start being a dream liver! I’m stepping out into the unknown and am in search of gold! Here are some stops along my Golden Road Map, I hope it will inspire you to make one of your own!

*Golden Dream: Nurturing weary souls by providing care and pampering and bliss! Giving them an escape from their everyday life, and helping to restore their calm.-
*Map: Sprucing up our guest room and bath  to act as a “bed and breakfast” where all guests needs are met – offered to all on a donations basis -only as people are led and able.

*Golden Dream: Marriage Counseling – helping to build strong, vibrant marriages.
*Map: See the map above – providing thought provoking and interactive material for couples to use while staying with us if they so desire to grow their relationship. – Also planning marriage days/events for couples only that involve growing in trust, vulnerability, communication, and fun companionship.

*Golden Dream: Community – fellowship, and providing “family” for those who have none (or none close by).
*Map: Looking into building and running a boarding house – a long time dream of mine! Praying for direction… Making lots of phone calls!

*Golden Dream: Travel – My heart experiences many golden thrills when I’m exploring a new place for the first time, or visiting an old gem that holds lots of memories. Also tied tightly to this, is the reconnection that happens with my dear husband when we’re taken out of our daily routine, and set out on an adventure together. That’s pure gold!

*Map: Starting to look for a supplemental job that will exclusively provide travel money – so that it can become a more regular part of our lives.

***This was a post I originally wrote and published on Windy Poplars.

So now that you’ve read about some of my golden dreams – I want to hear about yours my friends! What could you be doing today to help make them a reality? I’d love to dialog with you about it! Won’t you take a moment or two to share? 

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7 thoughts on “Dreaming in Gold

  1. Great list of golden dreams. A few of mine: To know that I've impacted lives for Jesus. Travel a few places that I have never been, yet want to see.Love my husband better. Have time to read more. It's a golden Bucket List. leah

  2. I love the way you think Kristin, I have a few golden dreams. I would love to quit my depressing job and start running some kind of home for abandoned children.(don't ask:)) I would love to travel to every country in the world, and write and speak about the experiences God allows me to see. I don't really know how to go about doing any of these things yet. I should start maknig phone calls too, but I don't know who to call:)

  3. Your post is giving me something to think about this weekend. What is my golden goals? I honestly don't know right here and now. Thank you for sharing and have a very good weekend.

  4. Those are great dreams! And I love the idea of having a map to get there. I am with Marianne on this one. I will need some time to think it over. Lately, I have been thinking about starting a business. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Great idea to include the "map" along with the dream! I guess one of my big ones would be to finish a book I'm writing…..still trying to figure out how to get it done. My goal is to set aside an hour or two a day to work on it but I need to make it a priority in order to make it happen.

  6. A few of mine would be to help others whether it be giving people hope and encouragement through healthy lifestyles, being a light to peoples lives so they may see I have Christ in my heart and opening a bakery one day:). A little scattered and not very concrete but just bringing joy to people would bring fulfillment in my life:)

  7. My goal is to handstitch a quilt for each of my nine kids and all my grandkids…before my hands give out and I can't do anymore…just something to remember me by….also, I'd love to travel with my hubby and make beautiful memories that we'll cherish when we can no longer travel….and to be the very best nana that my grandkids ever had…

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